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NameWhatsApp Transparent APK
Version 1.0
Updated April 07, 2022
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WhatsApp Transparent APK is the application that provides you with exciting features that will give you the experience of an advanced level of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Transparent APK is an alternative to WhatsApp that has better features than the original one. That’s the only reason people are now using mod version of WhatsApp than the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Transparent is a well-known modified application for communication. With this application, you can not only communicate through messages with your friends but also can make audio and video calls. The quality of audio and video calls is top-notch so you will enjoy when calling your overseas families, friends, and anyone you like to call.

You can share your daily routine activities on WhatsApp stories. This application provides you double security than the official WhatsApp so you can use it to hide the chats you don’t want to show on the home screen of WhatsApp. Through this application, you can change the WhatsApp layout into a transparent one. Transparent layout features you will not find in any WhatsApp mod.

This application also provides you with anti-delete or anti-status opportunity so you are now able to read deleted messages and also view deleted statuses. The interface of the application is the same as WhatsApp and other alternatives offer but the features that this application provides no one provides.

Download WhatsApp Transparent APK right now from our website. If you download it from our site we will provide you most up-to-date, recent, and bug-free version. So click on the download button and start the downloading process.

APK Features

Change WhatsApp themes

As you noticed that WhatsApp never gives us the opportunity of customizing themes the way we want. But in this application, there is lots of option of themes that you can select as per your choice.

Additionally, you can enjoy the transparency theme which is the default theme of this application.

User-Friendly interface

This application is extremely easy to understand and utilize as well. Also, the application has the same interface as WhatsApp so the user who is new to this application will not find any difficulty while using it.


It is possible to enable the auto-reply feature in the settings section, and the greeting message that you set will be sent automatically to the person who contacts you.

Safe and secure

Most people use this application because of its privacy and policy. This application provides you full-time security and protection so there is no concern about being hacked by someone. Also, the chat is secured because the developer provides end-to-end encryption.

Hide Online Status

You can hide your online status so no one will receive notification that you are online now. So you can come online easily without notifying people about it.

Pin more chats

The transparent WhatsApp provides you the opportunity, that you can pin more than three chats. But, WhatsApp doesn’t provide this facility.

Send Larger Sized Video

Now with this application, you can send videos of larger sizes, which was not possible with WhatsApp’s original version as it did not support this feature.

However, with this, you can send videos up to 20MB. Also, you can send audio files of more than 100 MB easily and without any limitation.

Send More Images at One Time

At one time we could only send around 30 images on WhatsApp, but now with this mod, we can send more images as compared to the original version.

90 plus images can be sent at one time to the person you want to send on WhatsApp.

Turn Off WhatsApp

There is an option of turning off the internet of WhatsApp only. On the top left corner, you will get the option of DND mod which stands for “Do not Disturb”.

So as you enable it you will no longer be able to receive calls, messages, and other notifications from WhatsApp even if your mobile data connection is active.

Hide Status

WhatsApp Transparent APK offers you the opportunity you can select the people with whom you want to share your WhatsApp stories.

To do this you have to click on the status privacy and you will get three options there about selecting contacts such as My Contacts Only, Only Share with these contacts, and My Contacts Except, so you can choose one option from them and then select the particular contacts member with whom you want to share your WhatsApp statuses.

Make audio and video call

WhatsApp APK is a well-known application that provides us the opportunity that we can make calls and listen to the voice of our loved ones and can see faces as well by making video calls.

Same as WhatsApp transparent offers audio and video call features with this we can make calls and get in touch with our loved ones even if they are sitting miles away.

The quality of audio and video is of the highest quality so we can enjoy a good quality of voice and video during the audio and video calls.

Variety of Emojis

This application also offers you a variety of emojis that you can use in the messages and impress your friend with unique and new emojis, stickers, and gifts. You can also update them monthly and get new emojis every month.

Block users

There is also an option available to block the users who irritate you by making calls over and over again as well as sending you vulgar, annoying, and irritating messages which make you uncomfortable.

However, you can then block them and after you have blocked them you will not able to see their DP, Statue, or Last Seen, and also they can’t make you call and messages after that.

Make direct calls

In the official WhatsApp, we have to save the number on which we have to make calls or send messages on the WhatsApp.

But now to make calls and messages we don’t need to save them in the phone contacts to make calls rather we can directly dial the number of particular people and make a direct call.

2-Step Verification

To make your account double secured you also have the option of a 2-step verification method. With this, your account will be secured more than putting in simple pin codes.

So if you want to keep your chats, contacts, account, and WhatsApp media safe from unknown users then you should use 2-step verification.


  • You can set up auto-reply so the greeting message will be automatically sent to the member who sends you a message
  • Pin chats more than three
  • It provides you fully secured and protected experience so you can communicate with anyone without fear
  • You can hide your status online if you feel uncomfortable about the messages your contact sends while you’re online.
  • Disable the blue ticks, double ticks, typing, and recording options.

Downloading process

WhatsApp transparent is an alternative version of WhatsApp but has a variety of unique and additional features that make it stands out. But unfortunately, this mod version is not available on the google play store because this application is not offered by the official WhatsApp. In contrast, people have to look up here and there on the internet.

So we give you downloading link of it on our website so that you can download it without searching on the internet. Since we offer you a safe, latest, free, virus, and bug-free version that will work well on your device without slowing down the device and making any problems.


Transparent WhatsApp APK is an application that let you use WhatsApp in your own way. You can customize WhatsApp from the setting and set it up as you desire. There are several exciting features that this application offers to its users. So if you download this application you will get to know about all the easy and convenient features that will make your life easier.

With this application, you can hide your online status, you can read deleted messages, enable auto-reply, you can disable blue ticks, and have lots of other features. You can send more than 30 photos to your friends easily without any restrictions.

It is possible to send big-size files without limitations as well. As you may know, you used to be able to pin only three chats in the original WhatsApp, but now you can pin unlimited conversations.

Make audio calls and video calls in good and top-notch quality. Additionally, you will enjoy the transparent theme that this offers but you can switch it with other themes as well.

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