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WhatsApp Plus APK is the application that provides you the opportunity to customize your communication app the way you like. This is not an official application of WhatsApp but it provides you with additional features than the original one. WhatsApp plus is the modified version of WhatsApp by third-party developers who added lots of additional and unique features and make life easier for most users.

with this application, you can do anything that you were unable to do in WhatsApp such as freeze your last seen, hide any chat, lock any chat, use variants of emojis, multiple stickers, and Gifts, block calls, send messages up to 250 words, and lots of other features will be at your disposal when you will install it.

This application is only designed for android users, apple users can’t use this application to take benefit from it. You can use this application to impress your friends by typing messages in different and unique fonts, and also with the variants of emojis and stickers.

However, with this application, you will get in touch with your friends and families and can share your feelings through audio and video calls. The quality of audio and video calls is the high quality you will definitely love it. The interface of the application is the same as WhatsApp so you will never encounter any difficulties while using it for the first time.

APK Features


WhatsApp plus comes with unique anti-delete features that provide you an opportunity to read all the deleted messages. So now the sender who sends you a message a few hours before but then deleted it from both sides. But the deleted message will still appear to you because you are using WhatsApp plus.

Hiding Options

When you come online your friends may send you messages. If that bothers you, you can freeze your status so no one will see when you come online or go offline. Besides just hiding your online status, you can also hide typing messages, recording voice, blue ticks, double ticks, and lots of other things that will help you to do your work peacefully without interrupting with unnecessary messages.

Theme support

There are lots of options available for customizing your WhatsApp theme according to your taste. You can choose up to 700 plus themes within the application and switch them when you are bored with the previous WhatsApp layout.

Fonts and Styles

By using this application, you can now impress your friends by sending them messages in different font sizes and colors.


When you use the auto-responder option, your customer receives a welcome, greeting, and offer message when they send you a message. With WhatsApp Plus APK, you can enable this feature, and the message you set up will be sent to the people sending you messages.


To make your account more secure you can set up a security password and pin so no one will be able to open up your WhatsApp account without your permission.


Within the application, you will get an app cleaner. So with the help of it, you can remove all the unnecessary chats, media, and other things that you don’t want to keep anymore.  This is the best feature that applications offer us because we don’t need to load up our devices with the other cleaner applications now.

More Emoticons

In this application, you will get a variety of emojis but you can download more emoticons from the WhatsApp plus theme store and adds-on to your emojis collection. After then, you can send them to your friends and make them impress because simple WhatsApp does not support this feature.

Multiple language support

This application supports multiple languages so the users who do not understand English can then switch the WhatsApp layout in their primary language.

On the other hand, if your friends speak other languages that you are unable to understand then you can translate the message and reply to them back in their particular language.

Message Scheduler

This application also offers you the opportunity you can set up the message scheduler so that the application will send you the reminder message at that particular time or day.

This feature will help you to remember all the special events, friends’ birthday dates, meeting dates, and other stuff like these.

Add up to 8 people in a group call

You can create groups and add your special friends to them and do chats together instead of sending messages separately. In addition to it, you can make group calls and add up to 8 members who can join you in the group call and have fun together and listen to all the amazing jokes and talks.

These features will prove useful for the office workers as well as they can share all the office relevant information in the group so that all the staff will be notified.

Receive calls from your favorite people

From the setting, you can set up the setting and make some adjustments about calls that who can call you and who cannot is at your fingertips. You just have to pick up the contacts whose call you want to receive.

Send More Images

On the official WhatsApp, we are only able to send 30 images at one time which is time taking if we want to send more. However, now this WhatsApp mod has given us the opportunity that we are now able to send around 90 images simultaneously.

Make audio and video calls

To listen to voices and see the face of our loved ones are not difficult now because in the market lots of communication applications came.

But WhatsApp is one the best application of all which provide us high quality calls whether it is audio or video. We can listen to voices in a clear tone and without lagging as well as the highest quality video calls.


  • Read all the deleted messages easily without installing any separate deleted messages reader
  • Hide your last seen, status, typing, and recording
  • Type messages in the new and unique styles of fonts and also change the color of texts
  • You can ads-ones new emojis, stickers, and wallpapers
  • 700 plus themes option that you can change whenever your heart desires

Downloading Process

WhatsApp APK is a mod version of WhatsApp and offers features that WhatsApp does not have. But this application is unfortunately not available in the google play store because it is not launched by the official WhatsApp.

But you don’t need to worry about it because you will get this application on our website so click on the download button now and start downloading on your mobile devices. We also offer the newest version that will work properly on your device since it is virus and bug-free.


WhatsApp pPlusAPK is the application that is famous and most people are using this application for getting new and advanced features. Through this application, you can communicate with your friends, family, and loved ones who are not living with you but with this, you can get in touch with them. You can make audio calls, and video calls and interact face-to-face.

Additionally, you can share your daily activities and special memories through WhatsApp stories. You can make a conference call with 8 contacts. Make groups and add all your friends to them and start chatting with them in one place instead of sending messages separately.

Most people send messages with emojis to make the message more expressed and real. However, on WhatsApp, we do have not too many options for emoticons but WhatsApp plus offers us unlimited emojis that we can use in our messages. But the only drawback is that if the receiver also using WhatsApp plus then he or she will see that emoji otherwise they are unable to see them.

The interface of the application is the same as WhatsApp but it has come with lots of additional features that WhatsApp does not offer to the users.

The WhatsApp team might ban your account if you use the app. However, you should use the application only for temporary purposes.

In case your account is banned, you can still use this application so that your data is not lost. Use this application to take advantage of its features and to impress your friends with its wonderful features.

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