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NameMixWhatsApp APK
Updated April 09, 2022
Developer Nairo Mix
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In this current age, we love to get in touch with our friends and families through any of the social site networks. But the question is which social site is best which provides all the features in one place. So that, we do not need to download many applications onto our device. Here we come with a very exciting application that is WhatsApp Mix APK which provides you with all the features, customizations, and other features that you may desire off.

However, if you want an app that has all the features in one place that other applications provide then you should consider installing WhatsApp Mix APK on your android device. By installing this application, you will get access to use all the features that are available in different applications.

And, you don’t need to download different applications to use different features. Since all the other mod’s features will be found in this one application.  With this, application you can send photos, videos, files, messages, voice notes, a variety of stickers, and emojis. You can also make audio and video calls to hear the voice of your loved one and also their faces so by sitting miles away you are still able to see them and hear them.

In addition to these, this application also provides you double security that will keep your account safe from unknown users, you can put stories to share your daily activities and special moments, create multiple accounts, DND mod, hide chats, download stories, and status, change different themes, customize app icons, and lots of other features that you will get to know after installing it.

APK Features

Do Not Disturb

WhatsApp Mix APK comes with the feature of DND Mod that is stand for “DO Not DISTURB”. With this feature, you can turn off the internet of your WhatsApp but you can use the internet that is connected to your phone device.

Therefore, you can use any other social site but you no longer receive the messages, calls, and other notifications from WhatsApp until you turn on its DND mod.

Anti-delete messages

This is the feature that you find in every WhatsApp modified version. So by enabling this feature, you are then read the messages that have been deleted by the sender without installing any separate deleted message reader application.

Larger-sized videos

With this application, you can now easily send large videos because this feature was not available in the original WhatsApp. The application, on the other hand, allows you to send videos up to 20 MB in size.

Send images of more than 30

Perhaps, you have noticed that in official WhatsApp we were not allowed to send images of more than 30 at the same time. But now we can send 90 plus images at one time without any restriction.

Customize theme

There are lots of options available to customize our WhatsApp theme. You can change the WhatsApp layout and chat color with different and colorful themes and make your WhatsApp more attractive and distinctive. Additionally, you can also customize the app icon as per your choice.

Download WhatsApp Status

By using this application, you are now able to download WhatsApp stories within the application instead of downloading status saver or downloader.

However, any story that you like of your friend, family, or contact members you can save in your mobile internal storage without asking them to send you.

Hide and Archive conversation

There is also an option of archiving the chat that you want that no one can see on the home screen of the WhatsApp Mix. As you archive the chats they will instantly disappear and you will get them at the end of the page from where you can send messages and also talk to them via calls.

However, as compared to archiving the chats you should hide them o that no one can access them except you.

Forward Massage Mark

You may have noticed that in the original version when we send a forward message to our friend or anyone it will show a forward message tag.

But this application offers us the opportunity that we can send a forward message without letting them know that this message was a forward because this application does not show the forward tag.


As you have known, that this application is made by a third-party developer and they have added lots of feature to it that makes this mod version unique and different from others.

But the question is, does this version of WhatsApp offer anti-ban capabilities? Yes, this application is totally safe to download and to use as well because the developer of the application states that, this is the anti-ban application that will keep your account safe from being banned by the official WhatsApp.

Backup data

Another amazing feature of the application is that you can back up your data, important files, contacts, and conversation over your google drive easily.

Multiple Accounts

When you have this application on your device you can then use three accounts same time and on the same device. All you have to do is to create 3 accounts on different numbers and then use them appropriately.

Hide Online Appearance

On this application, you can hide your online appearance so that no one can know that you are online at the moment.

If you already use any of the mod versions of WhatsApp then you already have known, that when you come online on WhatsApp your contact members receive a notification that you have come online.

But now when you disable the online status they will not receive that notification, as well as the green dot, will also not show on your chat. On the other hand, the best thing is that you can still get to know their online status even if you are disabled your own online status.

Message Scheduler

You can set up the message scheduler if you forget anything that you have to remember such as the birthday dates of your friends, family, meeting dates, special events, and any kind of stuff like that.

So on the particular date that you have set up for the particular messages, you will be notified with the message alarm on that date.

Several other options

There are several other features available that this application offers to us which makes our life easier than before. So, for taking advantage of all the features you must first have to download it to your device.


  • Hide WhatsApp chats and keep them away from the friends and family who you don’t want to show
  • Send 20MB sized videos easily without any restriction
  • Customize the WhatsApp theme and icon with different colors of your choice
  • Read all the deleted messages without installing any third-party application
  • Put status on WhatsApp of 5 minute

Downloading Process

WhatsApp Mix APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that has additional features that WhatsApp does not offer. So to take advantage of its given feature you should have to download it onto your android devices.

Unfortunately, this application will not available on the google play store since it is a mod version, not an official.

So, get it from our site and customize the feature as per your preference and take advantage of its variety of unique features. On our website, you will get the most recent, safest, free, virus, and bug-free version that will work well on your device.


WhatsApp MIX APK is the mixer of all the mods that contain all the features of different mods in one place. Although WhatsApp is the king of communication apps, it does not add any new features to date.

That’s why people want more features and want to use them as per their demands. Therefore, third-party developers have launched many WhatsApp mods such as GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and lots of others and they all are well-known mods because of their unique features.

All the mods have different features that they offer to their users but the WhatsApp mix combined all their offered features in one place. Through this application, you will not only able to send messages to your friends and families but you can also make audio and video calls to get in touch with them.

Additionally, there are lots of features that official WhatsApp has not introduced but the WhatsApp mix does. These features are; hid chats, creating multiple accounts, putting WhatsApp stories up to 5 minutes, setting it up that who can call you, disabling forwards messages, reading deleted messages, anti-ban, customization, and so on.

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