WhatsApp Lite 2021 Free Download APK for PC And Android

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WhatsApp Lite is the most popular instant messaging program that provides users with free messaging, calls, and video over data while also providing robust internet services. It has become an integral element of every internet user, with over one billion active users every month and their nature.

WhatsApp sends messages to other users of your contacts using Internet data, including text, photographs, videos, GIFs, documents, user location, audio clips, phone contacts, and voice notes. You may also make video calls over the internet using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a large program that taps into a variety of device resources. To consume data in the background, save up storage space, and load messages rapidly without halting the app, you’ll need the correct CPU. We’ll speak about the top WhatsApp light alternatives for Android in today’s post. The malware has a little storage capacity, has a slow internet connection, and does not use any energy. It can run without freezing or crashing on low-end or medium-sized Android smartphones.

Additional Information:

WhatsApp Inc.
3.10 MB
MOD Features
● Exclusive Option to Separate Chats / Groups conversations into two screens
Added Floating Action Button back again
● Added Click to Mark Status as Viewed!
● Added Use new WhatsApp Fingerprint UI



Latest version:

This software will show you how to update your cellphone’s WhatsApp status to the latest version. Also included is a step-by-step explanation on how to update your Tablet PC’s Whatsapp status and your PC’s WhatsApp repute.

Last Seen:

How to hide your LAST seen online so that your pals don’t know what you’ve been up to.

Video Calls:

How to make video calls using WhatsApp Lite as a phone replacement


Learn how to install WhatsApp Lite on any of your devices, including your tablet computer or smartphone.


How to include WhatsApp Lite conversations in a discussion.


How to install WhatsApp Lite on any device, including your tablet.

You may discover how to download and install WhatsApp Lite on any smartphone or tablet! WhatsApp Lite is the best social messaging software available on Google Play!


Download WhatsApp Lite and experience a new level of privacy protection for your security.

How to Install WhatsApp Lite:

Follow these steps to install WhatsApp lite on your device:

  1. Begin with the first piece of information from an unknown source. This may be done by going to Device Settings => Security => Unknown Sources.
  2. Use the download link above to get WhatsApp Lite.
  3. And then you started organizing and looking for the file on your smartphone.
  4. To restart your discussion, open the app after it has been installed and make all of the necessary settings.

WhatsApp Backup:

Many people are curious about how to backup WhatsApp messages. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a scenario where you’ve forgotten what you were saying to your loved ones. You lose more than simply a communication device when you lose or break your phone.

The true value is derived from all of the data that may be lost. Although Google Photos and Google Drive will automatically back up some of your crucial information, other apps will not. WhatsApp is one such service, but there is a method to make things easier.

WhatsApp is the principal mode of communication for many people. What a pity if a phone is lost or broken, resulting in the loss of all those chats, not to mention the photographs and movies that were changed but never saved.

Don’t let this happen to you – backing up WhatsApp on Android or iPhone is simple. You may effortlessly upload your account and data to a new device and resume where you left off by backing up your WhatsApp.

How to Backup WhatsApp?

Here’s how to back up and save your WhatsApp data. Thankfully, saving your data in the cloud takes only a few minutes and is entirely free.

To aid in this, there is a built-in feature that allows you to back up all of your messages and media to the cloud via Google Drive. You may set it to backup automatically every day, week, or month, with the ability to backup manually at any time.

On Android Devices:

On your Android device, open WhatsApp and then tap the three dots in the top right corner.

  • After that, select “Settings” and then “Chat.”
  • After clicking “Chat Backup,” go to the next new screen and click the green “Backup” button.
  • Tap Backup to set up regular backups.
  • Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service.
  • After you’ve established the frequency, double-check that you’ve picked the correct Google Account and Wi-Fi network.

On Apple Devices:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the current screen.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, choose “Chat Backup.”
  • Select “Backup Now” from the drop-down menu.
  • By clicking Auto Backup, connecting to your iCloud account, and selecting the backup frequency, you may also activate automatic updates.


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