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Standoff is back for a second time. Great developer Axlebolt have developed a second precious installment of the Standoff series, which is complete with new instruments, maps, features, gear, and many more. This is the game for you, which is completely full of actions and a shooting game where you get to battle it out against enemies and terrorists.


It is an action title. It has an attractive style of shooting. This game is developed by the great publisher Axle bolt with the perspective of first person. You will be able to play the role of a trained gunman, who is able to participating in different battles. It takes place in the wars of enemies. On this battlefield many people will have to die. You will get a great experience wit plenty of attractive battle locations and diverse weapon system. Graphics of games are designed with detailed. Images gives you a realistic and a great feel.

The developer of the belongs to Russia. Many things are upgraded with high graphics inside the game . You can complete each mission to receive infinite rewards. Use the high long lasting guns to defeat enemies. You can pair with global players to face all global players as enemies and terrorists. Weapons only help you for attacking the enemies. They have heavier and modern weapons for winning from you. You will get a awful experience from the game after playing this game.

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Standoff 2 MOD APK:

Standoff 2 Mod has a team fighting style in a gameplay. You can join other team members and you do not have to fight alone in game . The battle is divided into two parts. You and your team members have the job of defeating the enemy side for winning the game. In this game there is a time limit for each battle. The battle continues till the end of time. Your enemies are dangerous ones. They are loaded with strong fighting abilities and a lot of modern weapons. You can lose your life at any time, if you lose your focus. It is not just an ordinary match.

Control system of Standoff 2 MOD APK:

It is very easy. It is sameas other shooting games. Use the virtual key located on the left side of the screen to move the character on the battlefield. use it’s flexibly to move the character to many different locations on the map. On the right side of the screen different icons like the reticle, bullets, and down arrow are shown. You can use them to take the enemy up and down according to the situation of the battle.

You can use the reticle to target the enemies from a distance. You can change guns by using the down arrow icon. Use of bullet icon is to fire the gun. So, the control system is very simple, without plenty of difficult operations.

This MOD provides you with three game modes such as:

  • death battle,
  • bomb defusing
  • and the arms race.
  • Each mode has its different fighting styles.

Battle map:

Moreover, there will be many interesting events every week. You can participate in tournaments sponsored by the organizers. Standoff 2 Mod allows players to join a clan or build their own clan. To join your teammates in the tournament and have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards. The game has a total of 6 maps. Each map is a different location, bringing a new feeling and not getting bored after a period of experience.

Graphics and sound

The factor that attracts many players to participate is the diverse and rich weapon system of Standoff 2 Mod. color and appearance is also improved by the developer. The patterns on each gun can also be noticed. Weapon becomes more prominent in the eyes of the player by the perfect drawing. For example, guns like UMP45. Virtual money is needed to unlock them.


Standoff 2 MOD APK gives you new friends and a great chatting system. You can also invite your friend as your teammate if your friend is playing this game on his mobile phone. He can join to start to play all other mambers. There is also a chat system you can communicate with your friends by using this chat system. This chat system is excellent to use, and your message receives by your friends within a second. Immediately talk about the current match and discuss about matchmaking. ALso share any thoughts from inside game mode of chatting.


  1. High resolution power
  2. Detailed 3D graphics and good sound system
  3. Online features
  4. Feasible controle system


  1. Heavy game
  2. Need high quality devices


It is a good game for passing time. You can also play this game withthe different players around the world. This game is easily available on our website so you can download it, install it and go on. You can also get rewards by playing the events.

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