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DeveloperBearbit Studios B.V.
Requires4.1 and up
Size35.03 MB



Are you in the market for an addictive and engaging mobile game? If so, Smashy Road APK is sure to satisfy. This thrilling game offers endless hours of excitement as you race down highways and byways, smashing through obstacles in your way.

With its quirky graphics and fast-paced action, Smashy Road APK is sure to keep you coming back for more. Do you enjoy watching things explode?

If so, then Smashy Road online is the game for you! In this game, you drive a car around town and smash everything in sight. The more stuff you break, the more points you earn. But be careful – the police are hot on your heels!

So what are you waiting for? Download it now and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! just click on Smashy road download.

Smashy Road APK


The Smashy Road app is an arcade-style driving game in which you attempt to outrun the police. The game features colorful, retro graphics and simple controls.

You can choose from a variety of cars, and the app includes challenges and leaderboards to keep you entertained. The Smashy Road app is free to download and play, but it does include in-app purchases.

  1. High speed and real physics.
  2. Smooth and addicting gameplay.
  3. Simulate engine sounds when you press the throttle (gas) and brake (brake).
  4. Addictive with leaderboard & achievements in Google Play Games, Open Feint, and Game Center integration.
  5. Easy to learn Smashy road cheats and hacks yet hard to master.
  6. Cool graphics and nice music/sound effects.
  7. Realistic car damage system including paint scratches, dents, and body damage (doors won’t open after an accident).
  8. Customizable touch controls (accelerometer or on-screen joystick/buttons).
  9. Addictive arcade racing game suitable for everyone (men, women, kids…).
  10. 16 different cars to choose from + 1 hidden secret car.
  11. 14 Car skins to unlock (in the Pro version only).
  12. Packed with leaderboard and achievements in Google Play Games.
  13. Customize your car with a wide range of colors, vinyls, and stickers to choose from.
  14. Add your Twitter/Facebook friends or invite them by Email to race against their ghosts in the leaderboard or send gifts to receive gifts in return!
  15. No Ads in the Pro version.


  1. Tilt your device to steer left or right.
  2. Press the on-screen button to accelerate.
  3. Press the on-screen button to brake (when your car is behind the line).
  4. Press on-screen buttons together to use your special power.
  5. Avoid collisions with oncoming cars/trucks.
  6. Do not hit poles, roadblocks, trucks, walls, or any other obstacles.
  7. Do not run into another police car or you’ll be chased down.
  8. Do not drive too fast or the police will give chase.
  9. If you drive too slow, the police won’t bother you.
  10. Once your car is destroyed, the run is over.

Also, try out Smashy Road 3D which has better graphics and more cars to choose from!


Smashy Road is an action-packed racing game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Some of the advantages of this game include:

  • Amazing graphics that will make you feel like you’re actually driving
  • Easy gameplay that is perfect for novice and experienced players alike
  • A variety of different vehicles to choose from, each with its own unique capabilities
  • Unlimited play – there’s no need to purchase additional in-game currency or powerups
  • Challenging levels that will test your skills and reflexes


The disadvantages of Smashy road APK are as follows:

  1. It can be addictive and cause addiction in some people.
  2. It can be a waste of time for some people.
  3. It can be dangerous if not used responsibly.
  4. Hacking and cheating can be done in this game.


You must download APK (application) to your android phone or tablet from Smashy road APK, You can search Smashy road APK in the play store, it will direct you to this official download link page.

Smashy road APK


  1. Make sure your device is compatible first with Smashy road APK.
  2. Download the game from the official download link page.
  3. You can install it by opening up the downloaded file on your android mobile phone or tablet.
  4. The installation process will start automatically.
  5. After complete installation of Smashy road APK, open the game and start playing with APK enabled pops or push notification
  6. You can play this game online or offline.
  7. If you want to share smashy road APK with your friends, you can send them by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or something like that freely.
  8. If you face any problem, you can use the comment box to put your message.

Most crashes are due to incompatible devices or older versions of Android (below 4.0).

Here are some tips: – Play on a strong internet connection (WIFI) to reduce lag – Upgrade your phone’s firmware – Delete other music apps which are running in the background

– Update your device’s firmware to the latest version – If you have several accounts, log out of all but the account where you play Smashy Road

Smashy road APK is a racing game in which you drive through traffic while trying to smash into other cars.

Smashy Road APK 1


MOD Intro of Smashy Road APK is an app that lets you customize the opening intro of the game Smashy Road. It replaces the original intro with your own photos and videos.

You can choose between a photo or video, and then select the part of the video you want to use. The app also includes music and sound effects.

MOD Intro of Smashy Road APK is available for free on Google Play.


The MOD features of Smashy road APK include the following:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gold
  • All cars unlocked
  • Anti-Ban

These features allow you to enjoy the game to its fullest extent and without any restrictions.

With unlimited money, you can buy all the vehicles and upgrades you want, while the unlocked cars allow you to explore all the maps available in the game.

And with the anti-ban feature, you stay safe from being banned from the game for violating its terms and conditions.


Smashy Road is an arcade game for android devices in which you play as a car driving through different landscapes, smashing everything in sight.

The objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible and rack up the highest score possible. There are several different unlockable and vehicles to choose from, and the game can be played with one or two players.

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