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The PUB WhatsApp APK social media application is designed to make communication between people easier. Through this application, they can send messages to each other, and share pics, videos, files, and other important data. WhatsApp is the most popular communication application in the communication market since this application provides you with convenient usage.

However, people have started creating the mod version of WhatsApp and adding additional features than WhatsApp and make it easier and more efficient. So as this is the application that is developed by third-party developers that’s why this application doesn’t available on the google play store.

For to download it, you have to visit a third-party site that offers a mod version of Apps. With this application, you can talk to your friends as long as you want via audio and video calls. The quality of calls that this application offers to its users is of the best quality so make calls now in the highest quality.

Send your pics and videos in the original size and the quality of the photographs and videos will remain the same even after your friends have received them. Since this application ensures that the quality of pictures and videos will not become poor.

Nowadays, people use emojis and stickers in chat more than typing words to express their feelings.

So those who love to send emojis more than a typed message will find this application ideal because this application provides you with plenty of new and unique emojis and as well as giving you the option of downloading more from the app store.

There is t variety of other features that make you amazed when you get to know about them so let’s talk about the rest of its features in the details below.

APK Features


The application of Pub WhatsApp is completely safe from bugs and viruses since the developer updated it every month. So the users can use this application without being worried that their device will be damaged due to viruses, bugs, or malware problems.

Chat Fearlessly

As this application offers end-to-end encryption which means you can talk to your friends and family member without fear that someone can access the account or read the chat and misuse it afterward.

Hide secret chats

When you make new friends without asking your parents you fear that if someday they will get to know about it they will become angry. But now with this application, you can talk to them secretly without letting anyone know that you are talking with them.

For this what you will have to do? You just simply select the specific contacts or chats which you don’t want to keep on the home screen of WhatsApp after then click on the hide chat option, set a password, and the chats will be hidden immediately.

Share daily activities

Pub WhatsApp offers you the feature of sharing your daily activities on WhatsApp status. So take photos, make videos and share them on the WhatsApp stories if you want to share them with your contact members.

On the other hand, you also have an option of choosing the contact member with whom you want to share the WhatsApp stories and with not.

Get in touch with friends and family

With this application, you can make communication with your friends and families even if you guys are not living together. Make calls of audio or video as per your choice and get in touch with the people sitting across the seven seas.

Change font Style

Do you feel bored by sending messages of the same fonts, styles, or shapes? Today, you, however, have the option of customizing the app however you wish. Thus, you will have the option of choosing the font you would like to type the message.

There is also a variety of keyboards you can download that allow you to type your message in languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, etc.

Block unknown users

Occasionally, people dial a wrong number and make calls but if they start making you call again and again to tease you then you should block them. So that they are no longer able to make calls to you and send messages as well.

You can also report them so WhatsApp will take strict action against them.

Download more emojis and stickers

From the app store, you can download more emojis and stickers if you want to add more emojis and stickers to your current collection.

Send them in the chat, feel your friends valuable, make your inbox more expressive and colorful, and impress them with your unique collection of emojis and stickers.

Switch themes

Within the application, you will get lots of options for changing themes as per your choice. You can also keep the default theme of WhatsApp or change it when you get bored of seeing the same old theme WhatsApp.

Share Media Files

By using this application, you are now able to send larger-sized videos without a limitation message that you can’t send this video due to its big size. Rather, you can send a video of 30 minutes that is quite big.

Not only offering you this feature but you can also send 90 images at once as you know that in the original WhatsApp you couldn’t able to do.

Mute message notification

If someone’s message annoying you and you don’t want that their message to pop up on the screen then you have the option of muting the message notification of those specific contacts.

You can mute the notification for around a day, a month, or a year so it’s your choice for how much period of time you want to mute the notification.

User-friendly interface

The user interface of PUB WhatsApp is very similar to official WhatsApp. So the people who already use WhatsApp will not find this application complicated as all the features will be placed as same as in WhatsApp.


  • By using this application, you can get in touch with your loved ones even if they are living abroad or anywhere else in the world
  • Share media files in the original size and quality
  • Within the app, you will get an option of downloading more emojis, stickers, themes, and lots of other things that you can add to your current collection
  • You can block anyone you don’t like to talk with, not only block but if they send you vulgar or weird messages you can report them
  • It offers you to download WhatsApp stories directly to your device gallery without needing to download third party WhatsApp Status saver or downloader
  • Type messages into different font styles, shapes, and colors and make your friends impressed

Downloading process

PUB WhatsApp APK is available on our website so if you would like to experience a modified version of WhatsApp you can try it. All you have to do is to get a download link from our website and begin the download process.

This application is not available on the google play store so people may face problems while finding it over the internet that which website provides bugs-free, latest, and safe version.

However, if you want safe downloading then you should download it from our website since we offer you an updated version that is free from bug and virus and keep your device from damage.


Pub WhatsApp APK is a well-known application that offers plenty of new and exciting features so if you desire to take advantage of them you must download it first onto your device. This application can be downloaded on Android devices but apple users cant able to download it since this application does not support Apple devices.

In the application, you are able to mute the notification from a specific person if their messages annoy you. Make audio or video calls to take the wellness of each other.

There are lots of options available for hiding such as hiding chats, hiding online status, hiding WhatsApp stories, hiding typing, hiding voice recording, and lots of other things you can do with this single application. This application also provides you the feature of downloading WhatsApp stories direct to your gallery. In addition to them, you can read revoked messages even if the sender has deleted them from both sides. Read the whole article from top to down to get more about it.

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