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Since its inception, YouTube has been a mainstay in the online streaming world. Whether you’re looking for music videos, movie trailers, or vlogs from your favorite YouTubers, chances are that you’ll find it on YouTube. The only problem is that the official YouTube app can be quite resource-intensive, especially if you have a low-end device. If that’s the case for you, then check out the Pink Youtube APK it’s a lightweight alternative to the official app that still offers all of the features you love. Plus, it’s totally free! So what are you waiting for? Try out the Pink Youtube APK today!

What is Pink Youtube APK?

Pink Youtube APK is a free and popular Android app that lets users download and watch YouTube videos. The app comes with a built-in video player, support for downloading high-definition videos, and the ability to create custom playlists. Pink Youtube APK is ad-supported, but users can pay to remove advertising from the app.


-Download and watch YouTube videos:

With Pink Youtube APK, you can download and watch YouTube videos offline. This is great for saving on data charges or if you’re going to be in an area with spotty internet coverage. Plus, you can still watch your favorite YouTube videos in high definition!

-Create custom playlists:

Categorize your favorite YouTube videos into custom playlists so you can easily access them later.

-Built-in video player:

The Pink Youtube APK comes with a built-in video player that lets you watch your downloaded YouTube videos without having to leave the app.


Pink Youtube APK is ad-supported, but users can pay to remove advertising from the app. port for downloading high-definition videos.


The advantages of the Pink Youtube APK are that it is easier to use than the regular YouTube app and it has a cleaner look.

The regular YouTube app can be a little confusing to use because there are so many features and options. The Pink YouTube APK eliminates most of these features and leaves you with a very simple, easy-to-use app. It also has a cleaner look than the regular YouTube app, making it more visually appealing.


There really aren’t any significant disadvantages to using the Pink YouTube APK. The main thing to be aware of is that it is a third-party app, so it isn’t official and isn’t supported by Google. However, it is generally safe to use and should work without any problems.

One potential disadvantage is that you may not get all of the features that are available on the official YouTube app. For example, you might not be able to access certain channels or videos that are restricted in your country. However, most users will still be able to find plenty of content to watch on Pink YouTube.

Another potential downside is that Pink YouTube could be discontinued at any time, since it isn’t an official app. However, as long as it remains popular, it is unlikely that this will happen.

Mod intro:

The mod intro of the Pink Youtube APK is a catchy tune that’s sure to get your head nodding along. It’s a fun, upbeat way to start your day by watching some of your favorite videos. The mods have done an excellent job in creating this intro, and it’s sure to please all who see it.

Mod features:

The mod features of the Pink Youtube APK include an ad blocker, background playback, and Picture-in-Picture mode. These features allow users to watch videos without interruption, play videos in the background while using other apps, and watch videos simultaneously on different screens. Additionally, the Pink Youtube APK has a built-in search feature that makes it easy to find videos of interest.


The Pink Youtube APK is a free app that allows users to watch videos on their mobile devices. The app has a user-friendly interface and includes some great features, such as the ability to resume watching videos where you left off. It also includes a sleep timer so you can fall asleep while watching your favorite show.

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