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If you’re not really happy with the quality and the beauty of the images and selfies taken by the stock camera app, or are looking for some objects to fix up your old photos that are in poor condition, then you must try out Persona Beauty Camera to make yourself look more attractive and beautiful with each of your shots. Make uses of the fully developed mobile app so you can start maintaining natural beauty at its finest.

Get access to professional retouching features that can help you automatically modify your photos or specifically edit various parts of your images as you want. Don’t find yourself or any other looking ugly in beautiful photo shots that were taken and edited in Persona Beauty Camera.


Android users will have themselves a fully developed Android application for taking and editing some of the most attractive images of themselves and others which is Persona Beauty Camera. Thanks to its amazing features, you will find yourself looking most attractive and natural, so that others won’t be able to notice that your photos are edited. It is your new selfie camera for everyday use. Shoot only excellent videos with the help of amazing beauty filters.
Enhance your natural beauty and hide all things you don’t like with the help of the perfect Persona beauty masks. It is totally different from other beauty cameras, Persona masks look perfectly natural. Persona Camera automatically applies the perfect techniques and makes every video look natural. The wrong angle or dim light will never destroy your video again. It is a Natural Beauty camera which will help you make beautiful portrait images and selfies.

Make use of excellent retouching techniques to easily edit and make yourself look absolutely perfect in each photo shot. You can also use an exclusive and fun Masks from the app to create cool and interesting photo effects on your mobile phone. Apply natural beauties on your selfies to never look imperfect in a photo shot with Persona Beauty Camera.


Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive app with clean layouts:

Persona Beauty Camera will have no difficulties in working with the app and its features are easily accessible, thanks to this intuitive app and clean layouts. Simply enter the app and start finding its features without any difficulty. After accessing the features start editing beautiful images with your faces on them.

Edit old and new photos:

Android users can edit photos captured inside the app as well as old images from their local gallery by using Persona Beauty Camera. Simply give the app access permission to your storages and you can start editing all old photos on the devices. It will also provide many demo photos that you can work with.

Beauty camera with multiple stunning effects:

This Natural Beauty camera permits Android users to enhance their natural beauty with stunning effects and get rid of imperfections using powerful editing features. All you need is to use camera app to capture your beauties. Persona Beauty Camera will do its best to enhance your beauty without losing your natural looks. Therefore, it make sure that you can always enjoy your natural and beautiful photos.

Amazing techniques to enhance your photos:

By featuring multiple cool retouching techniques, it will allow mobile users to customize their photos. Persona Beauty Camera will make sure that Android users can click their photos look beautiful, even when they were taken with low lighting and poor image qualities. Feel free to change the various settings, so you can immediately see amazing changes.

Multiple beauty filters:

For those of you who aren’t really happy with your unedited selfies and images, you must try out multiple cool editing features of Persona Beauty Camera, which will help you increase your beauties and make your facial features prominent. You can have unique effects on your face by using amazing filters. Choose any of your favorite filter to look with a clean retouch filter, enable a cheerful face, lighten up the mood with your delight filter, and many more.

Different beauty effects will make sure that you’re always happy. You can try out many cool makeup filters. Thus you can immediately capture your beautiful moments without wasting time on doing the makeups. Adapt different makeup styles using the multiple filters so you can change your looks and expressions.

Use editing tools to customize your facial features:

It would be a good idea to work with the features offered in Persona Beauty Camera to fix these non realistic flaws. Start from editing your faces using the given tools in the app. Select to change the sizes, alignments, shapes, and positioning of your lips, nose, face, eyes, and eyebrows and any other part of your body so you can look most natural and beautiful in your selfies.

Don’t ignore to work on the extra editing features, which will offer you to immediately work on brow contrasts, eye contrasts, face blemishes, and teeth whitening features. Thus you can look absolutely perfect with your facelift.

Adjust the photos as you want:

To further edit the photos, Persona Beauty Camera users can now work with many simple and amazing features in the app, which will offer them to freely warp and edit their images. Use different color settings on the photos so you can modify the lighting, color effects, color mixes, tones, and many more. Edit photos to change their sizes and get rid of unwanted flaws. You can also reshape the images as you want, using multiple cool warping features.


By using different professional editing features, together with the different cool and easy filters that you can apply, Persona Beauty Camera will make an amazing beauty photo editing app for all Android users, Simply installed it on your mobile devices to change your stock camera app, therefore, you will never capture a bad portrait photo ever again.

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