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Do you ever like to run a city life with its citizens? Would you like to make a town with your own rules and discipline? Welcome to the My Town, build a city life MOD APK, where you can live a city life and play your role in city stories in your way! Explore a large map, make a town by unlocking new playhouses and build your own small world. Large Town is growing constantly! There are always new playhouses waiting for you that you can add. Make a city life story and complete wishes of your citizen’s.

You can also make and play a big party, you can also go to dance stage or go for shopping. Make and play city games and invite your friends on the same map. Ask them to visit your small world, have fun with all games of city and run a city life with your rules! Build city stories and customize buildings! Decide how your mega town will look alike. Create and play urban city games and explore a Megapolis. Build your own city and play a role in games of city with friends.

Make your own rules in city and invite and play together with friends from the whole world. Control a city, make your own small world and communicate with everyone! Are you feeling hungry? Take yourself to a restaurant! Each and every playhouse in the game has something new to provide you. Visit My Town build a city life MOD APK small World and play fun city games all the day. Think deeply how your small world will look and run a city life. Make the town of your own dreams.

Explore all playhouses, through a party on the pool or enjoy on the streets. Choice would be your. Meet all the characters, find out all playhouses and make urban city stories.


The My Town : Build a City Life MOD APK is a platform where you can control a city’s everyday tasks and build your own urban roleplays. Search in a huge area, make a community, and build your own small-world by unlocking more playhouses. Large Town is growing constantly. You may always extend your collection of playhouses. Make a story of city life and complete the desires of your citizens.

In my town build a city MOD APK you can also unlock number of playhouses. Arrange characters in this large town as you want. Play your role in urban city life stories all day. Make your rules and add more playhouses and streets to the large town. Discover your small world and play your well liked playhouse games. Enjoy games of city on the street and meet your neighbors. You control this city.

You have to control a all the activities of a city and daily based tasks. Do character customization and improvements in street. You can make change in 40 spots. There are 8 new places to discover for you. Think about a small universe. Enjoy with friends and visit all the playhouses. Run a city, play city games, and get to know more about the people. Discover a small universe for few hours. Make your own stories and live them.


Explore new places:

In My Town: Games of building a city, you will have a chance to freely design and make a large city according to your own choices. Each person will have a maximum imagination, so the cities they make will be outstanding and majestic. On the other side, you will explore many new places in your town. Each location will have a number of vivid scenes and many stories for you to experience. Involve yourself in those stories and play in your own way.

Make specific characters:

By joining My Town: build a city life MOD APK, you will be able to make unique characters. Each character has a specific and unique personality. In addition, they also have very changeable characteristics in appearance, which gives players more motivation and making them more interesting. You will also be able to play with many other players to enhance competitiveness and make the game more interesting. Moreover, you will enjoy many other interesting and enjoyable dress-up games.

High quality graphics:

The game will allow you to choose a cartoon graphic with a number of houses crammed together to look very attractive. In addition, the colors are designed and dispatched to look like a original city. Every street corner is furnished in amazing detail. From the trees to the images of the citizen’s, they are detailed in very unique way, making the atmosphere of the city very cheerful and bustling. This will attract the interest of various players.

Discover small houses for dolls:

This game will be so funny for you to learn and discover the lovely dollhouses in the town. In my town build a city life MOD APK, you can visit and check the small rooms in the doll’s house. During these visits, you will accidentally get meaningful gifts. Moreover, children taking part in My Town: making a city life MOD APK will prefer playing three amazing small games in this game. These are competitions for children, helping them in maintaining their memory and enhance the development of their brain.

Perform your tasks very well:

During the game, you will face a lot of different challenges. You need to complete your tasks very well what is assigned to get many beautiful rewards. You need to overcome the challenges in the most attractive and fastest way to get amazing gifts from the program. Don’t you ever back down and be afraid, instead of that be brave, strong, and move forward to complete your city building plan well.

Applicable for children of all ages:

When your children take part in this funny game, they will learn number of letters and draw bundles of new and beautiful pictures by themselves. It would encourage your child to take part in this game on his own to increase his intelligence level and understanding. Moreover, you will be free to learn from other players.


You can performance a dance, throw a big party, or go for shopping. Make and play city games with your friends on the same page. You can invite your friends to visit your model planet, take part in all the activities of the city, and control the city as you want. Change the structure of city and invent city tales! Modify  appearance of your town.

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