MY SINGING MONSTERS MOD APK 3.3.2 (unlimited money, gems)

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Most monster games are similar to take the fight and include a battle mode. Furthermore, all gamers are familiar with these types of games. Today I’m bringing you a beautiful and one-of-a-kind game named My Singing Monsters MOD APK. Big Blue Bubble’s product is great and deserving of praise. The publisher initially launched the game for both Android and iOS devices. The game publisher is not used to producing amazing games, but this product demonstrated the developer’s hard effort. The game’s developers used outstanding inventiveness, and the game creator included the funniest things.

Every player must comprehend the game premise before introducing My Singing Monsters MOD APK. I was told from the beginning of the post that this game is not a battle or fighting game. This is a one-of-a-kind concept game featuring a variety of noises. In most monster games, you will train your monster to fight adversaries. However, in this game, you must train your monster to sing. Monsters in the game are not fond of fighting. These dragons like singing with your assistance. All of the accessible monsters have nasty appearances and faces, yet those who are ugly explore in cute ways. Each monster has a distinct voice and tone. As a result, your island will be a one-of-a-kind musical island.

Additional Information:

DeveloperBig Blue Bubble
Requires5.0 and up
38.14 MB



Welcome to monster land:

My Singing Monsters gives you access to a complete island where you can grow your pets. Simply buy the chosen creatures from a special shop, which is also located on the island. The island also contains all of the essential buildings and services for the player to create monsters that fulfil his or her needs. If some buildings or qualities do not achieve the intended monster, you can use in-game currency to upgrade the structure or service. By the way, you can earn money for doing a variety of chores. Its large number ensures that gamers will have a long and entertaining gaming experience.

Unique sound for everyone:

The musical component of My Singing Monsters is a distinguishing characteristic of the project. Each character, beginning with the most basic, has its own sound, and may perform one distinct sound. The user’s objective is to amass a collection of monsters in order to obtain full-fledged songs. You can upgrade monsters by teaching them to produce higher-quality sounds. To comprehend all of the heroes’ musical talents, it is required to perform missions by playing mini-games. You can use it to learn how to navigate the world of singing monsters and improve your heroes’ singing abilities.

Monstrous Delight:

You can combine monsters to create new characters with distinctive sounds and melodies in My Singing Monsters, in addition to improving other objects. The player gets numerous opportunities to showcase not just the talents of his characters, but also to develop his own talent in managing and producing music. The only thing that can irritate you is the amount of time required for most gaming activities. For instance, maturing an egg or gathering components. You can, however, overcome these obstacles by giving or using game currency.

Sound and Graphics:

My Singing Monsters’ wonderful graphics, as well as skillfully traced characters with their own distinctive design and appearance, can undoubtedly gratify the eye. The developers also made an effort to produce beautiful and evocative maps and terrain textures. We should also notice the fantastic soundtrack and voice acting of the heroes, which were created by pros and actual musicians.

Grow and decorate:

My Singing Monsters MOD APK allows players to personalize their island. The monsters breed in order to expand the island in the game. More space is required to stay on the island as the creatures multiply. Purchase new islands to adorn it. There are numerous customizable objects available for customization. Every player has the ability to personalize the island based on their preferences. Furthermore, each new customizing object requires a set quantity to be purchased. Spend the money on new decoration pieces. Make your island stand out. The majority of decoration elements include flowers and trees.


My Singing Monsters is a strategy game in which you open up a little garden and place numerous monsters, but this job is unique. The monsters in this work of art enjoy music, and the egg is about to hatch when it begins to sing. The more you work on the little garden, the more famous the BGM will grow!

When the game first starts, the rock-like monsters take the rhythm like a drum, and the white monsters simply sing “Bourne Bone. “By combining, purchasing, and hatching eggs, you can create undiscovered monsters.

As the number of creatures climbs, the background music thickens and expands from a lonely solo to a tiny chorus choir. There’s also a mini-game where you can remember the order in which creatures sang, which is ideal for when you’re waiting for hatching to finish. You will also be rewarded for all of the mini-games.

It is also not the only option available to you. You may also have a lot of fun with a small garden game by removing blocking trees and rocks, producing bait, and feeding it to monsters to level up and win a lot of money.

Above all, it’s entertaining as the BGM becomes more vibrant as the number of monsters increases and players wonder what the final shape will be so they may play indefinitely. When attempting to form your monster choir, you will be overjoyed because you can feel your efforts not only with your eyes but also with your ears.


Overall, we covered every element of My Singing Monsters MOD APK. This is a fantastic simulation game for Android and iOS. The majority of simulation game fans chose this game haphazardly. All of the items and characters have been thoroughly optimized. Furthermore, the gameplay was well thought out. Nobody else offered gameplay like this game. In the original version of the game, you had to create a dragon in order to generate money. To gain quick infinite money, use our MOD version.


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