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Having fun with your favorite kind of music, audio files, or even watching videos will never be the similar all the time, thanks to this awesome application from Sparkine Labs. Here in Muviz MOD APK, Android users can easily increase their music experiences, using the given music visualizations in Muviz. Enjoy with beats dropping and tuning along the rhythm of the songs, sounds, and videos that are offered on your devices.

The whole experiences will make your experiences on screen a lot more amazing. Users of Muviz MOD APK will also find the application easily reachable, allowing users to smoothly work with the features provided by app and enjoy their mobile application too. Enjoy watching videos and interesting music on your Android devices, and also experience the amazing sound visualizations with awesome effects and high quality graphics.


Here in Muviz MOD APK, Android users can easily use the mobile app to watch and apply specific sound visualizations on any pieces of audio that are being played on their screen of the device. Based on the sound patterns, rhythms, and unique sound signatures, Muviz will allow its users to comfortably work on improving their music and videos.
Use relatable visualizations with amazing graphics and visual effects to further involve yourself in the experiences. Freely explore the easily reachable and interactive features in app. All of which will surely let you enjoy Muviz completely.


Here are all the interesting features that the app has to offer:

Easy and simple to use:

To watch interesting visualizations on your videos and music, Android users can easily use the application and its amazing features, thanks to the easily reachable application and simple options. Freely choose your well liked visualizations, make different settings, before you apply them, and enjoy awesome visuals whenever you try to play sounds on your devices.

Work without navigation bar:

Android users can also apply Muviz and many interesting audio visualizations for the devices that don’t have with navigation bars on the screen. The app will still show your important sound visualizations above the hardware navigation bar. So, allowing you to enjoy interesting visual experiences just like in normal devices.

Display visualizations:

Simultaneously, the unique option to display visualizations over videos will give chances to practice interesting experiences during watching any TV shows, movies and many more. Enjoy the increased musical experiences, thanks to many rhythmic visualizations. All of these will make sure that you must enjoy this mobile application completely.

Pick up amazing visualizations from the store:

And to apply different visualizations on your realistic works, Android users can also attempt many interesting designs from the unlimited Design Catalog in Muviz, which is updated daily to enable the most interesting visualizations for Android users to make use of. Freely choose a set of unlimited Visualizer Designs in Muviz, each offering its specific graphics and impressions. Enjoy working with the interesting options as you want.

Enjoy by making your own visualizations:

On the other side, for those of you who are liked this app, you can also try to create your own specific sound visualizations, using the offered Visualizer Creator and other Editor tools in Muviz. Open your mind with amazing designs of new visualizers, or enjoy modifying the existing designs, so you can prepare new looks on your visualized music patterns.

Share your designs with friends:

With the prepared designs, Easily share your amazing jobs to the community and allow others use your awesome visualizations. Get love from other users and find yourself getting engaged in Muviz. Moreover, you can always look for other’s amazing designs and use them on your own devices, which is obviously a win-win situation.

Simply connect your app with other devices:

Make sure that you can enjoy your convenient practices with the mobile application, Muviz also provides its useful sync option, which will let users to easily sync their data across number of devices. In muvis MOD APK, you can explore all your favorite designs and creations within Muviz, and easily try them to enjoy better sound experiences.

Enjoy the app in different languages:

And for those of you who aren’t local English speakers, you can still enjoy Muviz completely, thanks to many localizing options given in muviz MOD APK. Simply choose Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Portugues, Turkish, French, Italian, Malay, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian, and many other language options in Muviz. All of which will let you enjoy the completely featured mobile application.

Enjoy the free and unlocked version:

With the free and unlocked application present on our website, Android users can smoothly work on enhancing their visualized audio experiences. And thanks to the given content, you won’t have to pay for any ads in app. So, it will allow users to enjoy Muviz completely.


With simple and amazing applications, Muviz can work really good with many of your music applications, like YouTube Vanced, Spotify, and many others to enable unique visual experiences. Enjoy exploring amazing sound visualizations, which will make your songs so much engaging and relatable. And with the free and unlocked version you’ll have more reasons to enjoy it.

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