Minion Rush Mod APK (unlimited bananas and tokens) For Android

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Who doesn’t adore the adorably yellow Minion characters? If you’re a fan of these wacky animals and enjoy games with simple rules, the Minion Rush is for you.

Minion Rush is a superbly constructed runner game that focuses exclusively on running and leaderboards. It’s a Gameloft SE game with the same gaming interface and plot as the other names, such as Subway Surfers and Temple Run. You may also learn everything there is to know about the minions and realistically interact with them, thanks to excellent gaming graphics. So download Minion Rush right now and immerse yourself in the world of Minion running.

You may also try Minion Rush MOD APK, a modification produced by our dedicated team for the same game. It’s a fantastic Android game that gives you practically all premium features for free, such as unlimited money, an unlocked interface, and an ad-free app interface. Stop waiting and get Minion Rush MOD APK. It may be the ideal alternative for all interested gamers.

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DeveloperGameloft SE
Size82.45 MB



Your main goal in the game is to raise your level. For every five ranks you advance, you will receive a new title, such as Up-and-Comer, Covert Operator, Clandestine Operative, and so on. Coins and costume cards are also included as awards with the labels.

As previously stated, you will begin the game by sprinting alongside Dave. There are three running lanes available, and bananas will float throughout the course, waiting to be “eaten.” So, how do you eat them properly? Allow the character to travel through them in the same manner as in previous runner games.

Swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck, or jump onto another lane to dodge obstacles. It’s also simple to switch between three lanes. Simply elevate your Minion left or right to travel to the route you desire.

You must equip your Minion with certain power-ups to counterattack the bosses. You can change the Minion’s attire multiple times during the race to defeat different bosses.


Minion Rush features a large cast of characters divided into three groups: the Minions, other significant characters, and the villain bosses.

The only characters you may control and alter are the Minions. Dave will be your default character on your first visit. These four Minions can compete with each other in various fast-paced challenges in addition to their core missions. Paul was only recently introduced in the specific mission video clip; however, he has yet to be playable.

By purchasing multiple costumes for their Minion, players can boost their Minion’s more vital stats. Dave is the one with the most available outfits out of the four options. Carl, Jerry, and Mel’s clothing are later put to the Wardrobe with Dave’s. You can purchase and unlock numerous costumes in this section.

Guru, the three girls, and other AVL operatives, including Lucy and Dru, make up the main cast. Each character will provide you with instructions on completing particular missions in the game. They are not playable or configurable and are controlled and built by the developers.

Minions, like the movie’s supervillains, can be hampered by bosses in addition to obstacles. There are four bosses in total, and they’re all playable in Despicable Ops. Vector and El Macho are two characters from the Despicable Me franchise that you may be familiar with. Meena and The Villaintriloquis are the other two – non-canonical characters invented by Illumination Mac Guff.

These bosses frequently toss objects at the Minions and attempt to smash them. To beat the villains, you must evade assaults and return the objects. Otherwise, your Minion will die, and the game will be over.


We do not doubt that you are aware of the minions. Discover all of the game’s benefits and start playing as soon as possible.

Amusing Campaign:

There are a set number of chapters in the Minion Rush campaign. To begin the new one, you must collect the required number of fruits. Each chapter transports players to a new and distinct location, ensuring that the gameplay is ring. The game can also choose chapters at random, giving some diversity to the walkthrough process.

Earn Currency:

Bananas are the primary form of currency. It can be used to buy incredibly funny costumes for your minions. Many of the garments are familiar from the exhibition, but there are a few new and unique ones that have never been seen before. Each costume in Minion Rush has a unique set of benefits. You can earn a bonus by picking up more bananas, extending the length of all improvements, and doing various other things. Unfortunately, costumes take a long time to save for. As a result, shoppers might save money for several months to get the clothes they desire. An intriguing fact is that finishing some of the jobs when dressed in an item of specific clothing will earn you a bonus.

Various Walkthrough Locations:

Minion Rush’s locales are race tracks with a variety of hazards. Get to a three-lane corridor and walk down each of the lines freely. These stumbling blocks do everything they can to keep players from completing a stage. Furthermore, users frequently encounter a variety of forks that force them to choose a course forward.

Buy Amazing costumes for your heroes:

One of the app’s key features is costumes. The majority of them are available for regular bananas, but the rarest and most useful ones are only available for tokens. Through the contribution system, this currency can be purchased for real money. The costumes that are only accessible for tokens are designed to be extremely helpful so that you have to pay for them. Even though the game may be played without such add-ons, it is worth noting that beneficial extras can make the game more engaging.

Graphics and Sound:

Minion Rush features the most detailed graphics of any game in this genre, allowing you to enjoy high-quality decorations and comprehensive camera angles. The designers at Gameloft have put a lot of effort and love into the aesthetics. The personalities and settings receive the most attention to detail. There are several hilarious soundtracks featured in the game and lovely minion voices that follow you around.


Minion Rush is a fantastic game for fans of the popular cartoon or simply for those who enjoy fast-paced games. If you want to immerse yourself in the hilarious world of minions, this app is for you. Furthermore, you can combine business with fun by playing multiplayer mode with pals. Collect your favourite delicacies in a cooperative effort, then sprint to the finish line while avoiding numerous obstacles. Compete in various mini-games with other users and thoroughly explore areas from your favourite show. No one will be bored here in general.

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