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WhatsApp is an application that does not need have introduced as this is a well-known application all across the world and used by every age group.

But now people are getting bored with seeing and using the same old features and they are demanding to add new and additional features but WhatsApp developers don’t consider their requests which made the users frustrated.

On the other hand, in the market, third parties introducing lots of mod versions of WhatsApp in which users will get a variety of new and additional features that will make the experience more efficient than the official WhatsApp.

Millions of people have downloaded the mod version of WhatsApp and appreciate the efforts that developers have put into the mod. In today’s article, we will share details about MBWhatsApp APK.

MBWhatsApp APK is the clone version of WhatsApp that is developed by a third party but they have added lots of features that will provide a satisfactory experience to the users so that they can give the best reviews to their created mod. With this application, you are able to customize the whole app as per your demand, simply go to the setting section and select which features you would like to use and disable others.

The interface of the application is very much similar to the official WhatsApp so while using it you will feel that you are actually using WhatsApp but with better features. So to experience the best and better version of WhatsApp you have to download it onto your android device as it is not compatible with Apple devices.

APK Features

Copy Picture’s Caption

On the official WhatsApp, it was not possible for us to copy the caption of the photos or videos that our friends have sent. In this case, we will simply have to click on the caption, and it will be copied to the clipboard so that we can paste it wherever we want.

Send messages to unsaved numbers

Now, with this application, you don’t have to worry about saving the phone number of the person you want to send a message to. As this application offers us that we can now send messages to the person to whom we want to talk with via message can do so without saving their number in the mobile phone contact’s book.

In other words, it has now become possible for us to save only those people’s numbers that are really close to us, instead of storing all numbers.

Make typing and recording invisible

This app will hide your activity every time you type or record anything, so the person on the other end of the chat won’t be able to see what you’re doing. If you want to disable them, you can do it through the settings.

Customize Screen

This application has added lots of customizing features so by using them you can modify the app as per your choice. However, customizing WhatsApp is now at your fingertip so you can change WhatsApp themes anytime, change WhatsApp’s display language, put wallpaper in the background, and set up the interface as per demand.

Update WhatsApp Stories

This feature is available in the official WhatsApp as well but using the mod version of it will let you update stories of more than 30 seconds that were not possible in the official WhatsApp.

You can not only extend the WhatsApp story’s duration but you can also extend the status words so that you can type statuses in a more descriptive way. So put videos on your WhatsApp stories without dividing them into 30 seconds parts.

Set up your Name

This application has the advantage of setting up your own name rather than keeping MB WhatsApp.

The application will therefore become more unique and appealing by incorporating this feature. It is also possible to replace your MB WhatsApp name with any other name that appeals to you instead of changing the name to your own.

Multiple Language Support

If you want WhatsApp to display in a different language, you can select any language from the list.

If you do not know English, this feature will enable you to set up a language that you prefer so that you can communicate with your friends in that language or you can also translate the messages of your friends so you will be able to fully comprehend what they are saying.

Different types of locks

There are various options that you can select to lock your WhatsApp, such as putting a simple passcode, pattern, face code, or fingerprint on the application.

However, if you have important data on WhatsApp and you don’t want to lose it at any cost then you should go with its 2-steps verification method that will provide double security to your account and will not let anyone access your account.

iPhone Interface

The best thing about this application is that it will provide us IOS14 interface theme that will let the users enjoy IOS based theme on their android device.

In terms of the interface, everything is similar to IOS14, whether it is the chat section, the settings second, or everything else.

Besides its IOS-based interface, this application also includes an IOS Emoji pack so by keeping the android smartphone you can experience iPhone’s WhatsApp features.

Add Reaction to Message

This application lets you experience the react message with the emoji feature that we used to do on Facebook and messenger. But now, we are able to do it in WhatsApp as well so react to your friend’s messages with a given emoji choice. Simply long-press on the messages, select the appropriate emoji and send.

User-friendly interface

There are no overly complex or confusing interfaces in the application. The interface of the app is similar to WhatsApp, so users who are using it for the first time will have no difficulties.


  • A very simple and straightforward interface is provided by the application
  • You will receive lots of exciting features within the application which will make your experience even more enjoyable and to the fullest extent
  • Can be able to put a lock of your choice to make the app secure from unauthorized access in your absence
  • Talk to your friends by typing messages in a different language as this application support multiple languages
  • In MB WhatsApp, you can configure all the features according to your requirements as it allows the users to set up everything the way you want
  • Using the mod version now becomes easy and safe as it comes with an anti-ban feature that will keep your account safe and will provide you fearless experience

Downloading Process

MB WhatsApp is available on our website to download. So if you were looking for a mod version of WhatsApp then you should download MB WhatsApp onto your device.

As this application offers all the possible features that will let you experience the best communication application out there. If you download it from our website you will find the application improved, updated, and bug and virus free so that you can use the application without encountering issues.

Go ahead, click on the download button we provide, and start the downloading process.


MBWhatsApp is the better version of WhatsApp that will let you experience the best features that you don’t get in the official WhatsApp. However, with this application, you will not only able to make the highest quality audio and video calls but it will also provide you with other bundles of features that WhatsApp lacks.

So with this application, you can pot WhatsApp stories that can be extended up to 7 minutes as in WhatsApp we are only able to update 30 seconds of video status. This application will prevent messages from being deleted from both sides for instance if the sender will delete the messages from both sides you can still able to read them.

On the other side, you can delete messages from both sides that you were sent accidentally but you realized later even after an hour as in the official WhatsApp we are only allowed to delete messages from both sides within an hour otherwise we cant.

In addition to them, there are lots of other features that will provide you best communication experience so that you can use the application more efficiently.

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