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If you’ve ever seen “The Devil Wears Prada,” you’ll be able to understand that how much excitement is involved in a fashion show. In this game you start with a creator studio, and you have to work with three professionals in hair and makeup, fashion, and interior designing. You are in a world of make over where you’re supposed to be the specialist on above three fields, and you’ll have to face the difficulties of being an all-knowing person to make the customers happy.

First of all, you’ll ask them what they need to change in their personality, then you’ll go on to tell them what to wear. In the end, according to the agreement you’ll design their houses, studios, and other commercial areas with telling them that how they present themselves.


Do you like giving makeovers to people who look like they really require? Do you have any interest in makeup, design, and other creative outlets that would really help to improve someone’s personality? If yes, then we have an excellent game for you. Project Makeover MOD APK is here to help everyone attain their dreams, and by doing this, they will also maintain your status as the best makeover agent in the world. Or, at least in the world of Project Makeover.

Another plus point of this game is fashion. You will get a chance to fulfill your dreams of being an amazing creator, that Cruella can only think about. But, with each aspect, there’s also a negative point too, and in Project Makeover MOD APK, this negative point means dealing with super stars, fashion icons, and other celebrities that are too much popular for their own work.
You will also represent yourself as a boss to many aspiring assistants, cheap clients, and stubborn customers by showing them that you’re the one who calls the shots here. If they want to good looks, they’ll have to follow your suggestions. If they will not follow you then they can go wherever they want to go.


There are lot of features of this game.

Experience fashion beauty:

This game can be best for those who has a great pain for makeup and side beauty activities, as it offers option of choosing clothes, hairstyles, and many accessories. Players play an important role in making the characters provided by the game. To become a perfect gamer and take benefit of available tools, players must also show creativity to make their character always new and perfect.

It sounds so simple, but Project Makeover also consists of many challenges, requiring players to give accurate solutions in each situation and for example, dealing with unlimited celebrities who are arrogant and incredibly choosy regarding fashion and clothing choices, or dealing with assistants who always want to harm and lower their position.

Tricks for collecting money:

Specific highlight of this game is that it provides a series of puzzles and a table of symbol tiles for you to select from. These quizzes mainly move around the challenging theme of fashion so that players can gain more information about fashion and find that amazing look. After completing the quizzes that merge Life, players collect more coins and have the chance to unlock many new beautiful accessories for their characters.

Solve match-3 puzzles is very simple, just like working with Candy Crush Saga. The game will offer the player with a board containing many icon tiles showing fashion accessories, containing shoes, lipstick, gems, and many more. The player’s mission is to drag matching tiles from three or more of the same symbol. Check out for the explosive bombs the game provides to unlock more symbols quickly.

Collect codes and accessories:

After collecting the money from the fun puzzles you can design your character’s hairstyle or use tools for makeup like lipstick, eye color, and powder. Moreover, the game offers many extra things like shoes, beautiful bags to add shine to the character.

Not only these things, but players can also use the money collected to buy more cosmetics, accessories and even furniture to decorate and modify their rooms figure. Each piece of furniture gives different styles, shapes, and colors to the room. Use your brain, and these objects can turn a cheap, dark room into high class and costly apartment.

Get benefits from avatar building:

If the gamer wants to make his role shining from the crowd, with preparing a beautiful makeover for the surface, the player also has to change the best appearance you regularly have. The creation of wardrobe avatars also makes a favorable opportunity for players to enroll in the game’s important rankings. Even players can ask for rooms, apartments and for the brand new household in the world of Merge Life.

Moreover, through the avatar image, players can also take the style of the other players dress or recognize the level of wealth from other gamers. If you love them, you can also make them friends and visit them on daily basis through these profile pictures. Thanks to this amazing feature, players can make new friends and have an amazing opportunity to learn and convey helpful knowledge about dress style in specific and general.

This game does not make players sad when it comes to owning different gameplay, even it is equally entertaining. Here, players can easily express their fashion style and have fun too. Merge Life will be a best choice if you are looking for a game that consists of these two options.


Do you know that Project Makeover Mod APK offers you simple puzzles for you to solve, which are filled with great prizes? The coins obtained by the 3-match mysteries can be used to get premium clothes, makeup, and even crazy furniture that you have no idea could be used. Project Makeover also offers you to use real-life money to purchase these consumables, but that’s on you.

The more perfect items you use, the higher you’ll get score on your makeovers, so it’s an overall offer that makes everyone feel happy. We advice you download the APK through the link below, play the fantastic game, and enjoy.

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