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NameKING WhatsApp APK
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As you may know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular and best messaging applications considered. But people of this century, are still not happy with it and want more features which make their experience even better.

That’s why they have started installing the Mod versions of it so that they can get more additional features. However, in the market, you will get lots of modified versions of WhatsApp and you can download any of them that you think is unique from all the mods.

The only drawback of the modified versions is these are made by third-party developers and google considers this activity illegal if the Mod application’s developer claims they will keep the account safe then you should give the application a try but on a temporary basis.

However, if you want to find out exactly what mod we will be sharing with you today, then be sure to read the full article from top to bottom. The following overview will tell you all about King WhatsApp’s exciting features, which you can use and experience to decide whether this application is worth downloading or not.

With this application, you can control your privacy and put a password on your account to keep it secure from unknown access. This application also allows you to read messages that your friends deleted later but you can still read them.

Within the application, you will get a status saver with the help of it you can download the WhatsApp story of any contact member that you like and can directly save it to your device gallery.

You can disable anti-view once so that you can view images or videos unlimited time. This application also lets you change themes, background, fonts, wallpapers, and WhatsApp interface as you please.

APK Features

Keep account protected

To keep your account protected you should put a password on it so that your account will be kept protected from unknown access.

The password you put in the app should however need to be remembered since every time you open it, it will ask you for the password, so if you forget it, you won’t be able to access the app anymore.

In the event that the incorrect password is entered, you will be given the option of “Forget Password”, from where you can reset the password and gain access to the app.

Hundreds of themes

The king WhatsApp offers an in-built theme store that will let you download more themes that you can change if you want to keep your WhatsApp layout as per your choice.

WhatsApp also has two default themes so you can choose one that you want to keep. These themes are light and night mod so the users who don’t like the light mod can turn their WhatsApp layout into a dark or night one.

Can change background

You may have noticed that WhatsApp background is generally simple, but now in this application, you will get a great variety of backgrounds available.

If you want to create a WhatsApp that is unique and intriguing you should make it unique in every way. You can change message style, interface, layouts, background, and anything that you would like to customize can do so.

Therefore, in the application, you will discover a lot of background choices for you to choose from, thereby changing your WhatsApp background from simple to cool. It is now possible to change everything or customize them as you please because you have everything at your fingertips.

Set up WhatsApp stories

By the way, this feature gets in the official WhatsApp as well so what’s special about it? The special thing about this application is that you can share WhatsApp stories of more than 30 seconds as in the official WhatsApp if your videos are exceeded 30 seconds you have to trim and then you can share otherwise not.

But now with this application, you can share the whole video for up to 7 minutes which is huge and you never need to trim the video that ruins all the emotions connected to that video.

Font styles

This application also lets you choose the font style, shape, and color as per your liking. So after you have selected your favorite one from the list you can then type messages in that particular font to make your inbox more prominent with the beautifully styled messages.

if you don’t want to write the message in the same font you can then choose another one and start typing with that font style.

Send 90 images at once

In the official WhatsApp, we were not able to send more images at one time as we have to select only 30 images that we want to send and then send them to the person with whom we want to share them.

As 30 images are delivered you can then select 30 images first to send another one and so on. However, now it is possible for us that we can send up to 90 images at once which is quite fair and time-saving.

Disable the status view

The king WhatsApp also allows us that we can disable the status view so only those people will view our WhatsApp stories with whom we want to share. As you will get 3 options and you have to choose one option from the 3.

These options are Show WhatsApp Statues to “My Contacts”, show WhatsApp Status “Only Share with These Contacts”, and show WhatsApp status Except These Contact Members.

Customize who can call you

With this application, you will capable of selecting the contact members whom you want to keep on the list who can call you. By doing so, you will not get a call from the contact member you have not selected.

However, this feature will be far better than blocking them completely.

Customized app

There is a variety of options available that you can use to customize the application as per your choice.

So it is totally on the users now how they want to design WhatsApp and will keep it unique and updated all the time. You can also change the interface of WhatsApp and put any wallpaper that you like.

Hide last seen, hide chats, hide blue ticks, hide statuses, hide typing and lots of other things that you can modify.

No ads

While using this application, you will not experience any kind of third-party ads that will cause you to ruin your communication experience. However, if you want to experience the best and most advanced version of communication then you should definitely think to download it on your device.

Downloading Process

King WhatsApp is the best and most well-known application. Also, this application will allow you to customize WhatsApp as per your requirement.

So if you would like to experience it then please click on the download button above and begin the downloading process right now.

King WhatsApp that we provide you on our website is not contain viruses and bugs so you will not face problems after you have downloaded it.


  • You can now able to send up to 90 images which were not possible in the official WhatsApp
  • There is an option available for the people who don’t wish to show their WhatsApp status to specific contacts
  • Interface customization is also available so now this application is totally at your finger disposal do whatever you want to do with it
  • With its in-built theme store download as many themes as you like and then switch your choice of theme with the previous one
  • This application is completely free and gives all of its services free as well without requiring a charge to access its features
  • With its anti-ban feature, you never have to worry about being banned from official WhatsApp developers


King WhatsApp is the best application for getting in touch with our loved ones. So with its tremendous feature, we are now able to customize WhatsApp as per our choice. Since everything, you will get within the application so you don’t need to download more applications such as app locker, status saver, WhatsApp background, more themes, stickers, emoji, and lots of other things get within it. Users can download it on android devices and can use it daily to take advantage of its valuable features. Above we have shared all its feature in detail so please if you made decide to download it you must first have to read the article to know its advantages and detriments.

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