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King of Avalon Dominion is a game full of action and strategy. This game consists of the king, throne, and sword. The game has a old theme which makes this game more real and natural. King of Avalon Dominio has a very unique and interesting story that makes this game very famous among the whole the world. With more than fifty million downloads it’s already proved that this game is excellent and full of fun. In these days there are many interesting games available in the market and many of them have a boring experience. Yet this game has an awesome gameplay experience and beautiful story. Instead of getting bored, you may really enjoyed it.


The game is based on the famous King Arthur who was the biggest king of all time. He fought a lot of deadly wars and discovered a lot of lands. One day he died and everything got over. But the story of King Arthur is very popular across all the kingdoms. He has a nephew Mordred. After the death of king due to no king to rule his kingdom the throne is now divided into many small cities.  On the top of the isle of Avalon King Arthur lies with his mighty sword. Your role is one of the knights from the round table and your task in this game is to make a mighty city, a powerful army, train your dragons and beat the kingdom.

Yet, it would not be easy for you as other knights will also come to stop you from beating the kingdom and becoming a king. Thus you have to hide from other knights and make a large army of soldiers and dragons to compete with your enemies. The complete world used to depend on peace, beauty, fun, and shine all around. King Arthur was the ruler of Avalon- a magically superior world that has hundreds of kingdoms working under it. The empire is known for its great power, fame, name, and all around for its dedication and round table knights. But as much as we know, there is nothing eternal, things will change with time, and that’s the reality of this world.

Avalon MOD APK is the gameplay that go round around the life of King. After the death of Arthur, the empire jiggles in fear, general magic, and fire. All hypocrites were trying to capture the complete rulership of the Avalon and other small and large kingdoms were also planning and attacking the empire to hold the chair.

That’s not so easy in this drama of mystery. To become the king of the kingdom one must hold the sword that is Excalibur. It’s not easy. Many people tried but were unsuccessful. But you know the mysteries and are one of the strong Knights at Arthur’s round table.

King of Avalon MOD APK:

King of Avalon MOD APK is one of the historic mod versions of the story. It comes with many hacks and other elements to make use for proper modified gameplay. Infinite money is provided to upgrade and modify equipment, weapons, resources, characters, soldiers, skills, troops, locations, and for unlocked all the things, consisting of maps, features, tools etc. Users will get everything smooth here. No ads will seen during the whole the game as the ads blocking policy is given, so there are no interruptions.


King of Avalon MOD APK has different features that are given below:

King Arthur’s magically decorated world:

The world of Avalon is not so simple. It is a large kingdom under whose control hundreds of small kingdoms works. The powerful empire with magical power and tools was not breakable till the death of Arthur. The beauty and peace maintained by Arthur has come to an end with the death of Arthur. This is a shocking announcement as everyone turned into hypocrite knowing the chair was empty. The empire is in danger and a worse state as the fire is all around.

Fire your inner Knight:

You can be a great Knight in Arthur’s round table. But some misconception have departed your ways. As you know everything so in the times disturbance everywhere, You need to improve your abilities and take charge of the kingdoms by yourself. Train your soldiers and arrange the weapons, resources, and elements to overtake the kingdom and manage the empire directly. You can manage every matter by saving the supreme sword, destroy the enemies and hypocrites, so they never look again with their evil eyes.

Train dragons and soldiers to make a powerful army:

King of Avalon MOD APK provides you complete chance to side out the other outer groups and make every possibility to improve your ways. Train your dragons with powerful abilities. Don’t over think and make hard decisions to control the world. Take the charge and control everyone who comes your way. Establish your own peace and control all over the territories.

Unite all kingdoms and territories to hold the power of complete empire:

King of Avalon has different factors that provide great matches and activities. To hold the charge, you require to take in the supreme sword and manage all the problems. Take over control of your legend and destroy competitors. Make peace and collaboration to form an inevitable and lasting relationship with other kingdoms. Unify all the territories and bring them under the empire to expand fully. To make a sustainable rule, plan out a strategy, make business and trade, and invest in the development of military, defense, and attacks.

Train dragons and army to make a powerful team:

King of Avalon MOD APK offers you complete chances to side out the other disturbing groups and make every possibility enhanced in ways. Train your dragons with epic learning and power skills to help you fend off a whole army of enemies with fire shots. Never think much and make tough decisions to rule the world. Whatever you need is at your hand. Take the command and blow everyone who comes your way. Destroy all against so to establish your own peace and rule all over the territories.

Unite all kingdoms and territories to hold the power of all empire:

King of Avalon has multiple elements that offer undeniable matches and activities. To hold the overall power, you required the supreme sword and manage all the problems. Take charge and finish enemies. Make association to form an eternal relationship with other kingdoms. Unite all the areas and bring them under the empire to grow fully.


You can download King of Avalon MOD APK to experience the most interested war and battle against hypocrites and kings of other cities. Being a knight will automatically bring strategies of battle to you and make hard decisions as you need to take charge of the empire completely. Enjoy infinite money and hacks. Ask your questions in comment section.

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