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If you are getting tedious with using the same features of WhatsApp? So then, you have to try its modified version that provides you with lots of features that you don’t even find in the official WhatsApp. As you search on google you will get hundreds of results so you have to choose one best mod application from them whether which will work best on your device and which not.

We can resolve your skepticism if you are still unsure about what to choose. You should download KBWhatsApp APK onto your device as this application offers some new features than the other mods that make this game more appealing. Within the application, you will get all those features that will meet your expectations and will make you satisfied.

It will not only offer you an enhanced calling experience, but it will also provide you with features that will enable you to have a more efficient and enjoyable communication experience.

However, this application is not available on the google play store because this application is not introduced by the official WhatsApp. App developers of this application claim to do their utmost to make people satisfied and provide them with an application they will never regret downloading.

The application interface looks similar to that of official WhatsApp, so anyone using it for the first time will not have any difficulty. The settings menu will provide you with access to all the features, where you can configure them as you wish.

Below, we are going to share all the information about its offered feature so please read them on and get to know more about this application.

APK Features

Do not let unknown users interrupt you

Someone has been contacting you repeatedly? Have you become irritated with the actions of this person? If you answered yes, then you no longer have to worry about them since you can block the unknown users, as well as the contact members, if their weird and annoying messages bother you.

To block a person, simply select the person and click Block. The moment you block them, they will no longer be able to contact you or send you messages.

Control your privacy

While using KBWhatsApp APK, you can customize your app privacy as per your demand such as you can put password, pin code, or whatever option you would like to choose.

So there is no need to download app locks separately and load up your device with a third-party application when you get everything within the application.

Use five WhatsApp accounts

The great feature of kbwhatsapp that makes this application more unique is that you can use up to 5 accounts on the same device.

All you have to do is to switch the accounts without uninstalling the previous, enter the number, and signup rather you can simply switch them and use another one without losing data as we do in the messenger.

Send personalized message

You can set up messages so that if you forget, or are busy on that day your personalized message will be automatically delivered to that specific person to whom you want to send it.

To do this, you have to type that particular message, set up the date, day, and time, and select the person to whom you want to send it. The benefit of it is that messages will be sent even if you are not online at that time.

View status without letting know

If you don’t wish someone knows that you have seen their WhatsApp stories then you have the option to enable the hide view status. With this feature, you are able to view someone’s WhatsApp story without letting him or her know that you have seen it.

Read revoked messages

To read deleted messages we always have to download a third-party deleted messages reader onto our device. But now with this application, you will get this option within it. So now you can read those messages as well that were deleted from both sides.

Listen to voice notes in the background

As In the original WhatsApp we can only listen to voice notes when we open the chat inbox otherwise we can’t. But this application has introduced a feature that will allow us that we can now listen to voice notes in the background as we used to read messages from the notifications in the background.

So this is the best feature so far if we are busy at that time and don’t have time to reply to them we can listen to voice notes in the background if it’s essential to reply we can reply, otherwise, keep it on a waiting list until we free.

Broadcast messages

There is also an option available to send messages to your contact members via broadcast.  To do this, you must have to add them to your device address book, and as well as they also have added you to their device address book.

Ad-free experience

When we download duplicate versions of apps we always have to watch annoying ads while using the application. But in this application, you will not bother with the annoying ads so you can now use it without viewing third-party annoying ads.

React with emoji

Most people may have noticed on Facebook that when we have to like a post of someone we react with emojis. However, now in this mod version of WhatsApp, you will get these emoji to react options so you can react to the message.

User-friendly interface

The user interface of the application is very simple and straightforward. So the user who is using the official WhatsApp application for the very first will not find it difficult since it is very much similar to the official WhatsApp.

Also, you can customize the interface of WhatsApp as per your choice.


  • Fortunately, you can now control your privacy as per your requirements that which thing you want to show up and which not
  • There is also an option available that you can set up a message that you can send to specific contact members on their special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, or as well as a meeting reminder message
  • With this application, you will not encounter annoying ads since this application provides you with an ad-free experience
  • Through it, you can make audio and video calls of the highest quality that will make your calling experience better
  • Share WhatsApp stories with your special ones and let them what is happening in your life
  • With this application, you have the ability to use five accounts at a time on the same device

Downloading Process

KBWhatsApp is available on our website that you can download free of cost without paying a cent. Since this application is not available on the google play store because this application is not developed by the official WhatsApp.

But, however, the downloading link of this modified version of WhatsApp will be got to you on any third-party website that offers mod versions of apps.

Therefore, if you still want to download it on your android device then you should download it from our site since we provide bug and virus-free versions that will protect your device from problems.


KBWhatsApp APK is a clone version of WhatsApp that is developed by third-party developers but they have added lots of features that will make the communication experiments of users convenient. The drawback of the mod version is that it caused the risk of damaging your device or might be possible that your account will be blocked by the official app developers.

But the developer of this application claims that this application is completely secure to download since this is virus and bug-free also it comes with an anti-ban feature that let you use this application fearlessly.

Apart from this, let’s talk about its cool features with these features you don’t even need to download other apps such as app locker, deleted message reader, download WhatsApp status, download more emoji, stickers, and themes, and secretly view WhatsApp status Due to the fact that all these features will be available within the application.

There are lots of other features that this application offer that we have talked about in detail. So if you desire to download it or for a clear understanding of this application, you should read it from top to end.

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