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In this era, millions of users use WhatsApp in their daily routine to talk to their friends, families, clients, and anyone whom they want to talk. You are not only able to use this application to send messages but you can also make audio and video calls, send voice messages, group calls, update WhatsApp stories, and do lots of other things.

But people who use this application are not satisfied with its limited feature they want more so that they can use this application more effectively. However, if you want to use WhatsApp with more unique and classy features then you should download Jio WhatsApp APK as this application is the mod version of WhatsApp that is created by someone else.

Since it is the mod version of WhatsApp that’s why you will do some hard to find the downloading link because it is not available on the google play store download. But don’t worry we provide you the downloading link on our website so go ahead, click on the download button, and proceed with the downloading process.

This application will enable you to view WhatsApp stories without letting anyone know, send large size videos, block calls, send messages without saving numbers, and many other features that will blow your mind.

In addition to them, view messages and media as many times as you want even if the user enabled anti-view once.

APK Features

Share media files

This application will enable you that you can share photos, videos, files, and anything without any cost. With this application, you will not only be able to share any kind of file but it will also let you send files in bigger sizes.

As you can able to send videos above 10 minutes, 100Mb audio files, 90 plus images at one time, and lots of other things that you will experience after downloading the application.

Block calls

As in the official WhatsApp, we were only allowed to block users not calls or messages. However, now this application makes it easy for us that we can decide who can call us and who cannot.

Simply block the video or audio calls of that specific user you don’t wish to receive their calls because they always criticize you, make you degrade, and taunt you. So you can block their calls so they are no longer able to make you call again.

Send messages to unsaved numbers

As with this application, we no longer need to worry about saving the number of the person in our mobile phone contact’s book to whom we want to send a message since we are now able to send messages to those people without saving their number.

We can now save only the numbers of close friends and family members rather than all numbers.


By using this application, it is now possible for us that we can view deleted messages that the sender had deleted later on but we are curious to know what they were written.

Since this application offers an anti-delete feature so through it we can able to read messages even if the sender has deleted them from everyone. In addition to it, we can also view WhatsApp stories before 24 hours that have been deleted by the updater.

Download WhatsApp Status

Due to the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t offer this feature, so it is not possible to do in WhatsApp. So we always have to download a third-party WhatsApp status saver to download WhatsApp stories.

But now within the application, we will get this feature so through it we can download anyone’s WhatsApp stories direct to the device’s gallery that we liked and would like to post on our WhatsApp stories or anywhere else.

Disable blue tick

The thing that bothers us every time is when someone ignores us and doesn’t respond back to us. The same thing happens when we don’t reply to them back because we are busy somewhere they feel sad as well.

It is possible to disable blue ticks now so that if a user accidentally opens a message but does not have time to read or reply to it, then they can reply at any time when they are free because even if you read the message, it will remain unread.

Blue ticks will only appear when you reply to a message, so it’s a good feature.

More themes and emojis

The application provides you theme store within it so from there you can download more colorful themes that you can switch anytime and replace the previous one with the new one.

Not only themes, but you can also download more emojis of your choice and use them in the chat box to make chat more expressly and highlighted.

Dual WhatsApp

With this wonderful mod version of WhatsApp, you are now able to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device at the same time without encountering issues or problems. It is now easy for the users to use one account for business and another one for a personal chat.

Anti-view once

The official WhatsApp introduces a new feature that is anti-view once which means you are only able to view photos, videos, or messages for once that you have received from your friends.

However, now it is possible for the users that they can enable the anti-view once feature and view photos videos and read messages as many times as they want.

View WhatsApp Stories without letting anyone knows

In the official WhatsApp as you probably know that when we view someone’s WhatsApp story he gets to know or the same as if someone views our WhatsApp story we get to know.

However, if we turned off the read receipt we are then able to view someone’s story without letting them know but the drawback of it is that we also aren’t able to view who views our WhatsApp stories.

So what do we do with which we can view someone’s stories without letting them know and we also get to know who views our WhatsApp stories simultaneously?

In this case, Jio WhatsApp helps you since it offers a view of WhatsApp stories without letting anyone know the feature so through it you can watch anyone’s story without letting them know and also get to know who views yours.


  • The application will let you save WhatsApp stories direct to the device without the need to install the third-party status saver
  • During the use of the app, you will not bother with annoying ads
  • This application will provide the best experience of messaging app through it you can able to make conversation with your friends and family
  • It will also enable the users to run two accounts simultaneously on the same device without encountering issues plus there is no need to switch them up to use
  • Once you download it, you will discover many features you had never considered before, so download it now and you will see what I mean.

Downloading process

Jio WhatsApp is basically an alternative version of WhatsApp so you will not get it on the google play store as they consider it an illegal activity. But, because the developer of the application claims that this application is completely secure to use that’s why you can download it without taking stress about being blocked or hacked.

So you can download it from our website and get the best, latest, safest, and malware-free program that will keep your device safe from damage.


As Jio WhatsApp offers plenty of new and unique features to the users and makes their communication more secure and satisfactory that’s why they don’t think to go anywhere else to enjoy the newest and more existing features.

This application provides you with the customization option so through it you can make the app as per your need or requirements. Within the application, you will get a theme store from there you can download more themes that will help you to make the app more classy and unique than the official app as in the official app you only have two themes that you can switch anytime.

Customized the messages so that sender has received the instant greeting message from you even if you are not available at that time. There are lots of hiding features you will get if you want to make your app secure and don’t wish someone gets to know what you are doing on WhatsApp. All the information provided above. So please read the whole article to get to know more about it to clarify all your doubts.


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