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The Indian cuisine is one of the outstanding and amazing cooking cultures across the global world. And for the people who liked these specific cooking experiences, you’ll obviously find this outstanding game of Indian Cooking Star quite interesting. Get ready to enjoy various amazing cooking competitions, which will keep you completely connected to this game.

Join millions of outstanding cooking star family members from the whole world, who are already enjoying this creative and amazing gameplay of five star restaurant management. Feel free to immerse yourself in various levels in game, each providing its own specific gameplay and different objects in game. Discover the art of cooking with number of tasty dishes from various cuisines. And also experience different restaurant management features.


Indian Cooking Star MOD APK offers different option to the Android gamers to enjoy their amazing gameplay of cooking and they can be a master chef and start their own Indian restaurant business. Enjoy playing this amazing game by serving with your different delicious dishes to the hungry customers, using the fully interactive objects of the game.

Enjoy becoming a master chef and have your cooking abilities being known by number of customers. Learn to manage their varied choices and preferences to make your foods even better. Unlock various levels and get familiar to new customers with even more demands on both your abilities and also of your work. Take your cooking adventures worldwide and also have fun with different cuisines, thanks to the new recipes from different parts of the world.

And specifically, the variety kitchens that you’ll have in this game should offer a complete cooking and restaurant simulation for any of you who liked these gameplay. Open new restaurants across the world and try to make them popular dining places for different locations. And also unlock new places worldwide to make your own restaurant chains.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Android gamers in Indian Cooking Star MOD APK can start enjoying their favorite game of cooking thanks to its smooth and easy mechanics in game. Just tap to make the ingredients, cook them with different appliances, and serve your dishes with new and variety of styles. By leaving the drag and drop mechanics you can enjoy the new method of tapping the game will assure you that you can comfortably work with the simple tapping objects.

Tasty food with simple cooking mechanics:

In Indian Cooking Star MOD APK, Android gamers can eat tasty food with cooking mechanics, which should let you to easily connect yourself in the whole experience. This also enables interesting combinations, which you can easily and smoothly execute in Indian Cooking Star MOD APK and have more fun with the game.

Cook with time management objects:

For those of you who liked Indian cooking star MOD APK, you can now work with this amazing gameplay of cooking thanks to it’s time management objects. Feel free to present your tasty dishes in different kitchens with various menus while also paying full attention to the lines of customers and your countable time. Also satisfied them with your outstanding cooking abilities and on point of time management.

Different visitors with different preferences:

To make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers will have the options to communicate with number of customers, each having their own specific tastes and cooking preferences. Feel free to work with different dishes on your menus and make number of variations to the foods to deal with your customers.

Different levels with various challenges:

In the Indian cooking star MOD APK, Android gamers are provided by hundreds of outstanding levels in game. Feel free to show off your outstanding abilities in many of these amazing and funny levels. The increasing level of difficulty will permit gamers to slowly adjust with the gameplay and keep them further involved as the game progresses.

Also check their specific gameplay with interesting features and objects. Moreover, the various gameplay will make sure that you can always enjoy your experiences in game completely.

Unlock new places:

And for those of you who are interested in Indian cooking star MOD APK, you can now involve yourself in the outstanding gameplay of cooking simulation. Enjoy by serving tasty Indian foods from different parts of the countries. Or even travel around the world to explore different cuisines from other countries. Including different food stuff such as the Burgers, Pasta, Pizza, Indo-Chinese foods, and other culture that should make your game a lot more interesting.

Enjoyable boosters:

Here in Indian Cooking Star MOD APK, Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy playing the amazing gameplay of cooking simulation with the uses of boosters given . With each of them having their specific amazing features and functions, Android gamers can easily work on improving their gameplay and make uses of these boosters at appropriate time.

Enjoy the offline game:

And to make the game more enjoyable, This game also offer their offline gameplay of Indian Cooking Star on all of your devices. Consequently, you can quickly access and start enjoying with the amazing gameplay whenever and where ever you want.

Free of cost:

Despite all the amazing features, the game is still free of cost for all Android gamers to have fun on mobile devices. Thus, you can easily pick it up from the Google Play Store and enjoy many features in game. Just remember that there will be different ads and purchases in game to irritate you.

Graphics and sound quality:

Get ready to connect yourself in this outstanding game of restaurant cooking simulation, thanks to the enjoyable visual elements from Indian Cooking Star. In this game, tasty food would look and feel natural and real regardless of their 2D graphics. Moreover, thanks to the simple animations and attractive visual effects, you’ll always find the game full of fun.

Sound quality:

Together with attractive graphics, Indian Cooking Star MOD APK also provides interesting audio objectives, which will let gamers to further involve themselves in the mobile theme. Feel free to involve yourself in the amazing gameplay of outstanding restaurant simulation as you freely explore the amazing audio and visuals in game.


With simple but really very enjoyable gameplay, along with a huge collection of outstanding levels for you to work with, Indian cooking star MOD APK will let all Android gamers to completely involve themselves in these amazing experiences. Enjoy this game fully.

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