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Idle Transformation MOD APK is a game with a brand new theme. It is basically published by Moonee publishing. According to content of this simulation game, you will change into different characters like Werewolves, aliens, Yeti, and mummies, or even a big dinosaur and many more. In action blockbuster movies or famous comic books nowadays, the changing element from the main characters will be important.

You really want to discover changes in human body but don’t know how to do. Don’t forget the presence of Idle Transformation, surely this game will bring amazing experience for your change.


Idle transformation is an idle game where the gamer will see a character that can change into different monsters. Transformation into monster will be activated when the player transform each part of the character’s body; each step will cost a lot of money in the game. Simultaneously, during the game, players will have many chances to see many different monsters and take benefit of the help to earn more money.


Change into mythical monsters:

In the earl stages of the game, players will inevitably see a human with a completely normal appearance, but they can change their body into a mythical monster. So you will be the one to activate this changing ability by changing the appearance of each part of the character’s body. To do this, people will require a large amount of money to enhance the change of each part of the game’s menu list.

The menu that the game offers includes changeable parts and the abilities of mythical monsters. So, you will focus on the maximum transformation. You will use the money and select the parts you want to change, and surely, you will be able to earn money quickly and continue this process of transformation. Moreover, it will also take a long time because the amount of money you spend will consistently increase over time.

Use of coins:

There are lot of coin buttons in Idle Transformation, by clicking on them players will receive a large amount of money. By doing that they will earn money quickly with just one touch and then use that money on character transformations. You can also clearly observe the constant change of the mutating parts, higher the level of transformation more the human traits will disappear. Thus, you can take your time to see the complete monster transformation.

The first monster you can change into is a werewolf, and that’s not the only monster in the game you can see. After that, many other monsters will be unlocked, and you will continue your journey to enhance the transformation as when you transformed into a werewolf. Although, you can also take help from the time travel like features that helps you speed up your time and earn plenty of money in just a few seconds.

Evolve into different characters:

Most important feature of this game is that integrates a relatively diverse and rich character system. Each character in the game will have its own features, along with a different changing process. That will obviously not disappoint you from the first experience. Moreover, the main character will gradually transform on each stage, it will not change immediately like other games. Thus, players will have a more amazing feeling during the game.

High quality graphics:

This game is developed in traditional Idle style, Idle Transformation really makes us feel extremely good with high quality of 3D graphics. Most of the elements in the game are designed with extremely delicacy and carefully in each stroke. Moreover, the transitions effect is extremely smooth in this game.

Collect money:

Idle Transformation also offers ways to earn money faster. Experience is a basic thing. By clicking to earn money and upgrade, the experience constantly increases. As faster you click, the more experience you will obtain. And when you level up, you will get a huge amount of money from the system. These click buttons are on the upper right corner of the screen. When you completed the status bar and it completely turn green. You will get triple of the default bonus if you watch an ad.
Moreover by upgrading more character parts, the amount you get by clicking the Coins icon will also increases. Therefore, you should not collect money. By using money you can earn more.


Magical topics and those that are products of our minds have always been the theme of many movies, shows and games. There are many strange theories out there about the presence of these things which confuses a lot of people. But one thing is for sure, it’s funny to play with them. Don’t you just love it when your favorite character suddenly changes into something more stronger? What if you can covert it into not one but many new characters in a game?

Now, you don’t need to wait thanks to Idle Transformation. This is a simulation game that offers players to transform a normal human being into a Yeti, a Werewolf, a Mummy and many more. Covert your character into your favorite hero now by this game.

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