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If you spend a most of your time making a mark on your house in games, then maybe Home Street is the thing what you want. With lots of fun quick games, attractive cartoons and beautiful furniture collection, charming home decoration, and renovation options, Home Street is excellent for interior designers worldwide. Thanks to the lot of income in the game, you will rarely run out of money to launch your imagination up.

In this game you have to perform different tasks such as planting trees in the garden, a number of BBQ stoves, folding your clothes carefully, or leaning back on the sun lounger and enjoying a peaceful sleep. To receive more coins, you can help your neighbors by performing a number of fun tasks, from making a creamy sponge cake for them to writing a special songs.

The more you play, the more interesting points you unlock. Thus, your house is always full of activities, specifically when your friends come to play. Best thing is, you do not have to wait long. With most tasks taking just a few moments, you will find there’s always something good to do with your excellent imagination.


Home Street is a funny and interactive life simulation game where players can freely make and design their imaginary home. You can also make friends and practice a colorful life. Do you love developing games and want to make your own home? Then download Home Street now. It is a perfect game that offers users a home decoration experience without any difficulty.

The game combines real-life experiences and tough competitions, where you can make your dream house and become the person you want to be and live in a world full of surprises. Your primary missions are to design your dream world in the beautiful town, live next to friendly neighbors, and make your own story with Home Street.

Home Street gives a social circle where you can communicate with all the other players among the world. In the early stage, you require to a personal avatar. It can be male or female character. Then, you need to select the shape and clothes to initiate the game. The game shows the direction of the popular brand The Sim, but the gameplay varies somewhat from this series.


Design a dream home:

In Home Street, your most initial task is to enhance and repair your area to make a perfect home. You will need personal development and outer decoration to complete challenging jobs. First, you need to renovate your equipment with resources like a hot tub, flat-screen TV, kitchen tools and many more. Home Street is a place to show your passion for design.

Create your character:

Home Street is different from other games. Players can make their own characters and customize effects to match their appearance. You will design characters with unknown faces, colors of eye, styles of hair, makeup, shapes of body, and personalities. You can also become a fashion designer by developing your character’s clothes. It helps you make your own style and design lots of beautiful outfits. There are many options for players to enhance their creativity.

Make friends in the town:

There’s always someone who wants to talk to you in the town of your dream . Select your favorite neighbors in your dreamy world and make new neighbors. You can also, invite your friends and show them your beautiful home. Always have a friendly neighborhood gesture. Your basic tasks are building a town with thousands of inhibitors so you can communicate with them. There are many events with many new and interesting items and costumes. Enjoy this fun life simulator game and help your friends in decorating their homes.

Make stories:

In Home Street, you can select your own story and be the real character. There will be lots of funny situations like to be a guest on the games TV show, support your neighbors, enjoy life of city, or start your own business by updating it regularly.

In this game, You can design your daily life routine and free to be an expert in your well liked fields like painters, musicians, bakers, fashion designers, and many more. With making houses, players can select talent, change it into a profession to make income, get rewards, and increase skills.

Change style of character:

By clicking to make a character, you can go to the character change area. This is the way of making faces of characters looking alike. There are different colors and shapes of faces, and you can also change styles of clothes too. You can change the contents including the hairstyle, face shape, body shape, skin tone, tops, pants, shoes, socks, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, and whatever you want. There are many things to change, you can replace and adjust for severe diseases.

Collect Gems:

We can receive the gem in the game by recharge. The recharge prices are different gems. You can get these gifts by completing tasks. There are even many ways to obtain them, so you can many more more through the playing process such as buying clothes and props or speeding ​​up time for quick completion of tasks.

The Coin acquisition on Home Street contains the gifts for completing the work obtained by selling items and normal recharge. The recharge ratio is still strong. But try to do the best. The coin’s main function is unlocking more props, work, clothes, and many more.

How to work on Home Street?

In the early stages, there are already different tasks, but the system will tell you how to work and how to finish tasks. Here, after accepting the challenge, you can complete the related things as required by the job, and in the end, submit it.
Content of the task include a painting task, cooking task, planting task, cleaning task, and tool task etc. They come with various levels where you can find other tasks. After completing all the tasks, the mission prizes are gold coins, diamonds, stars, and other special gifts.


Home Street is an awesome game that offers you the capability to make your dream home, start a new life with friendly neighbors, make your own story, start your home design, and decorate your characters. Install Home Street MOD APK and enjoy it.
It is a free simulation game. However, some items in the game are paid. If you do not want to spend money, please turn off the purchasing feature in the settings. It is a game that needs a network connection.

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