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UpdateAug 31, 2022
DeveloperJam City, Inc.
Google Play IDcom.tinyco.potter



Hogwarts Mystery is completely based on all the events that have seem in the novel or series of TV . Yet, players will now become champions of their own story, searching their environment, making fun, and casting unlimited spells. Many small games or popular events in Hogwarts will always take place to diversify the gameplay or experience of the player’s.


Harry Potter is not only a novel, but it is also the motivation for the developers of mobile games to make Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery. It is one of the best mobile games of 2018. Jam City and Warner Bros Interactive have supported this game fully after the company completed the release of Game of Thrones. Harry Potter is as famous as it can be. So there is nothing to talk about it. I’m also a big fan of this novel. Harry Potter is likely not so much strange when it is the name that is taken as a imaginative idea for many areas of life. Keeping this in mind, Jam City a great publisher has released Harry Potter (Hogwarts Mystery).

The outlines of game are so close to the original story. In the complete game, player will perform the role of a new student at Hogwarts magic school and his journey to find his brother, who is magically missing.


High quality graphics:

If you are interested in the developer of the game Jame City, You must know that the products they bring are always according to the taste and trends of the players. In this game, players will feel very comfortable with extremely smooth 3D graphics of character images.

Thus, while taking part in the game, players can truly feel the journey of Harry Potter without entering Hogwarts. With high image quality and best quality of sound , that is the attraction for players of this game. Magical tools, , costumes and many small details in the game are perfectly explained and with really beautiful colors.

Specific background:

The game’s design is directed towards the classic 1980 century, giving the feeling of getting players back to the previous world to practice the game in a perfect environment. The games released in the past always use the adventures of Harry Potter boy, but in this game, the developer enlightens a different point of view.

Even though, it does not lose the moral of the original story. During the course of taking part in this game, the player is converted into a new student, fighting with difficult challenges to search for his brother and find the reason of his brother’s disappearance. As a fair new competition, the game makes the player excited.

Simultaneously, there will also be the existence of famous characters like, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, during the whole the journey. This game is a journey full of mystery and magic. As well as to experience many competitions, players also require to go through many challenging and equally engaging missions.

Beautiful map:

Players are given one of four houses to experience, these are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw to become a witch. Each house will have its own specifications that attract players, and there will be different competitions in each house. Players will pass through many different challenges and bring different feelings after each mission. Learn, experience and find the magic behind this witch school and learn the most powerful spells of your own accord.

In this game, one thing to like is that players are mostly free to become a witch and go on their own experience, not playing any other role. This is a perfect point for the publisher. Each player will choose a different map to find many kinds of magical tools and compete with enemies to bring their own victory.

Adorable missions:

Players will choose mysterious rooms around the school and find unique mysteries that have never been seen. The character of the player’s will also take part in magic classes given by Professor Dumbledore. Also, the player requires to go through complicated tasks to uncover the character’s new thing. In the game Harry Potter, players will have to pass through a lot of terrifying and strange missions. Players can perform their job by clicking on the objects and follow the activities suggested on the screen.

Simultaneously to be able to do well, the task needs players to connect with friends in the game to make relationships to help each other through the mission. Consequently, players will win a gold medal if they play well and perfectly. On the other hand, the player can also pass through the adventure of meeting his enemies, related with the fact that there will also be such a condition in the game. They can also meet with friends. So the experience of each each player not be the same.


This game will help players in learning lot of magic in the classroom, like: Preventing the dark arts, poison, join a dueling club. The above is one of the unique explanation of the game that gives the feeling of excitement and attraction to the world of magic and becomes wise. To be able to feel directly the great experience that the game brings, you can please download this game. You can ask your questions in comment section.

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