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Here in Hide & Seek MOD APK, Android gamers can have fun with the amazing old classic gameplay, in which they will play like the seeker or hider in a confined establishment with number of places to hide and to find. Enjoy getting places from number of objects such as the simple cars, office desks, ponds of water, and many more, which will let you to stay away from the finder’s approach.

Simultaneously, also use your faster movement and specific hearing to easily find the competitors and catch them. The game features amazing and funny levels for you to enjoy whenever you like. With interesting challenges and specific map with adorable settings, you can always enjoy the game as you pass the level. You can always enhance your fun and enjoy the title in different ways by being able to play the game on both sides.


For those of you who are interested in a simple and smooth mobile game, even for few minutes, then this amazing mobile title of Hide & Seek MOD APK will specifically impress you with its outstanding and interesting gameplay. Enjoy by playing your liked childhood game on the mobile phones and enjoy many dynamic objects in the game.

Act as both the finder and the seeker in this outstanding mobile title of normal action, in which you can select to play on both sides. Enjoy playing the amazing levels with various settings and specific objects in game, which would make your outstanding hide and seek games much more enjoyable and amazing. Enjoy rushing through the various maps and freely play your levels as you want, because the game is only about fun so win or lose does not matter.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple and smooth controls:

To start with, Android players in Hide & Seek MOD APK can immediately enjoy the simple and smooth gameplay. Most of you should must know the rules and for those who don’t know it would not take time for you to understand the rules. Simply work with the smooth touch to control your characters looking around for others as the Seeker, and hiding from the Seekers as the Hider.

Play the game on both sides:

You can play the hide and seek MOD APK as both the Seeker and the Hider.

Being the seeker means that you must have specific number of players in a less amount of time in order to win the game. Use your movements faster to get around them and follow the animated steps on the map to quickly find out the opponents.

Trap your opponents:

You will enter the game with your hider squad, who must get their way to find the Seeker before the time completed. You will be trapped inside the Seeker’s vision zone and can only be protected by other fighter players. Stay alive till the end of the game to achieve your personal success, or try to save your new friends to earn your total success.

Endless levels:

In the complete game, Android gamers in Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK will have the opportunity to enjoy the endless levels of normal hide and seek actions. This game offers hundreds of various levels with amazing and enjoyable gameplay. Moreover, the outstanding challenges in game will make sure that you can always amaze yourself in the entire experiences.

Relaxing gameplay for players:

And thanks to this stress free game hide and seek MOD APK, players in Hide ‘N Seek can always enjoy playing their extended mobile title without any problem. Freely engage yourself in different fun, relaxing, and amazing levels, each providing its own outstanding and enjoyable gameplay. Play the game and enjoy the levels according to your wish.

Interactions in game:

For those of you who liked the game, you can now enjoy playing the amazing game Hide & Seek MOD APK with natural physics in game and communication between characters. Enjoy moving around the map with your own characters. Hit on opponents to immediately send them to the Seeker or enjoy protecting your friends in need.

Different maps:

To make the game more interesting, Hide & Seek MOD APK will provide its specific maps with number of environments and objects in game. Freely involve yourself in the amazing mobile title, providing ponds of water in which you can hide , walls to hide behind, cars that can provide shelter to you from the seeker, and many other interesting objects. Moreover, with the variety of maps, both on lands and in water, you can enjoy playing the game in different ways.

Adorable costumes:

In Hide & Seek MOD APK, Android gamers can have fun working with many specific costumes, which will cause the characters to look much more interesting. Freely select between a number of different costume options, which will let you to play the hide and seek MOD APK as the burglars, the cops, even animals, and number of characters.

Enjoy the offline game:

And for those of you who liked the game, you can now enjoy the outstanding gameplay without having connection of Internet. The offline mobile game will make the gameplay much more accessible and enjoyable for all the players.

Free of cost:

Instead of all the amazing features, Hide & Seek MOD APK is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile phone. Simply download it and start enjoying with many available features from the game. But if you want to enjoy the complete game on mobile, there will be ads and purchases in game that you need to unlock.

Graphics and sound quality:

Here in Hide & Seek MOD APK, instead of simple graphics, the game still manages to offer its specific and amazing visual objects to keep you involved in its gameplay. And thanks to this outstanding graphics, you can also enjoy the simple gameplay of Hide & Seek on all of your various devices.

Sound quality:

With amazing music and related sound effects, Hide & Seek also permit Android gamers to fully involve themselves in the awesome mobile game. Enjoy the relaxing music and perfect sound effects as you move up in the addictive levels.


For those of you who liked the game, you can now enjoy the game as you want. Just download the game and start playing without an internet connection.

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