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GTWhatsApp APK is one of the most used versions of WhatsApp since this application in offers a lot of features than the original version. That’s the only reason why people have started moving towards the modes version because they want to make their life easier and convenient in usage.

With this application, they are now able to recover their lost conversation that they accidentally deleted.  You also get other features that make this application stand out from the other mods of WhatsApp.

There are lots of WhatsApp mods available in the market and GTWhatsApp is one of them. But it offers additional features that will provide you with a better and more enjoyable communication experience. This application offers you to make audio and video calls of the best and highest quality.

You can now get in touch with your family and friends without caring about the distance. Within the application, you will get the option of getting the deleted messages back so there is no need to download other apps to read the messages that were deleted by the sender.

Also, you can view deleted WhatsApp stories as well as view any contact members’ WhatsApp stories without letting them that you have seen the stories.

As this is a modified version of WhatsApp, that’s why this application is not available on the google play store. So you have to visit a third-party website to get the link to this great Mod version.

But you can also get it from our website since we offer an updated, safe, and bug-free version. Let’s talk about its features in detail. So that you can know more about it and decide whether you should download it onto your device or not.

APK Features

Recover Data

The main feature of this WhatsApp is that you can recover all your old and lost data within a second. Occasionally, when we uninstall WhatsApp we forget to take backup and lose the data.

But now with this application, you can get your lost data back within a matter of seconds without the need to download other data recovery applications.

Use Multiple Accounts

You can now your account simultaneously on the same device without uninstalling or switching the other ones.  The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to use the updated version always.

So that your device will not let down or not start working slowly.

Put password

To make your account secure you have to put in a password so that no one can access your account without your permission. Whenever you open WhatsApp it will ask you to enter the password that you have put in for security purposes.

Hide your WhatsApp stories

There is also an option available for hiding the WhatsApp stories. So if you don’t wish to show your WhatsApp story to specific members you can select them and click on the hide button. From then, your story will no longer be shown to them.

Download WhatsApp stories

Within the application, you will get an option of downloading WhatsApp stories. So if you like someone’s story you can download it directly in your device gallery. After then, you can put it on your WhatsApp story or share it on other social network sites.

Shut down WhatsApp’s internet connection

The application offers a DND mod, which allows you to turn off the internet of your WhatsApp, but allows you to access other apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other streaming site you wish without being distracted by WhatsApp messages.

As soon as you enable the DND Mod, calls and messages will start incoming again.

Send media files without limit

As you may have noticed that in the original version of WhatsApp, you are only able to send 30 images at once but if you use GT WhatsApp APK you can send 90 plus images at once. Not only images but you can also send 30 minutes of video without getting any restriction message that this video is big in size.

Modify app as per choice

GT WhatsApp comes with a variety of customized features that you can use to customize the app as per your choice. Such as you can change the WhatsApp theme you can change text fonts, styles, colors, and shapes, and as well as you can also download more emojis, stickers, and gifs. Additionally, you can also change the WhatsApp Icon to make your friends fool that you are not using WhatsApp.

Automated message scheduling

I strongly suggest that you enable this feature if you are someone who frequently forgets birthdays, special events, anniversary dates, wedding dates, office meeting dates, or anything else that makes you appear foolish or careless in front of your friends and colleagues.

With this feature, you can send a personalized message on a specific date or time to the specific individual you have specified.

When the specific time and day will come, the recipients will automatically receive the message even if you are not online.


Developers of this application claim that it is absolutely safe and secure. Since it comes with an anti-ban feature that will prevent you from having your account hacked or blocked by the official WhatsApp app.

As a result, you can download this Mod version of WhatsApp without worrying about your account being blocked as soon as you begin using it


  • This application is completely safe and secure to use since it has an anti-ban and end-to-end functions that provide you the safe experience of this application
  • Within the application, you will get an option of theme store from where you can download more themes that you like or as well as download emojis, stickers, and gifs.
  • There is an option of turning off the WhatsApp internet only that will help you to enjoy using other applications without distracting by WhatsApp incoming messages and calls.
  • Enable the message scheduler and send birthday wishes on time to your friends or to loved ones. Additionally, you can set up other messages scheduler as well such as office meeting dates, event dates, wedding dates, and others so that you can get reminder messages on that specific date and time
  • The main feature of this application is that you can recover your old data even if you forget to take the backup before uninstalling the app or deleting the chats accidentally

Downloading Process

GTWhatsApp APK is available on our website to download which is completely free of cost. So you do have not to pay any kind of charge to download it.  The benefit of downloading it from our site is that you will get the most updated version, safest, and bug-free version that will keep your device safe.

Moreover, this mod version of WhatsApp is not available on the google play store to download. But you will get it from any third-party sites that offer mod versions. So if you desire to download it go ahead, click on the download button, and get access to use the application instantly.


GTWhatsApp APK is a useful application for users who always want to try new applications. However, with this application, they can experience the best version of official WhatsApp. Since this application has included a wide range of new and cool features that will make your experience more enjoyable and efficient.

In the application, you can change WhatsApp themes as per your choice, type messages in different fonts, styles, and shapes, and you can view WhatsApp status without letting the person know if you don’t wish them to know that you have seen their WhatsApp stories.

This application also helps you to read deleted messages without getting help from other applications, through it you can also recover all your lost data that you accidentally deleted, and use two accounts simultaneously on the same device without facing problems.

The user interface of the application is also very friendly and straightforward. So even the new users will learn the use of every feature easily and quickly. Also, this application is completely safe and secure so without worrying about safety you can download it on your android device and start setting up the app as per your demand.

Therefore, above the page, we provide the download button that you have to click in order to start downloading. We have discussed all its features above so please read them once if you are intending to download this application.

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