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In Grow castle MOD APK, gamers will find themselves caught in the battlefield with number of enemies. Here, you’ll have a single aim, to protect the castle that your armies are positioned on. This would be the last defense of your kingdom which defend the border. Without it, the enemies can easily move through the pass and access the capital. It is being said that it’s your mission to make a heroic event at the castle.

Do or die, you have sworn to defend the kingdom along with the martyrs who will fight as long as they’re still alive. Select between multiple units with specific powers and opportunities. Have the fighting with evil forces in specific formations depending on their forces. Use the upgrades and customizations as you enhance the powers of each unit in your army troops.

Spend time to strengthen your defense, and specifically, also rebuild your castle. With the customized castle, you can make more units as well as hire new ones so they may control their enemies. Save your favorite kingdom and its people from the hands of the enemies or all will finish.


Experience the simple but game with addictive strategy in Grow Castle where you’ll handle your army to protect the kingdom from the long lasting attacks of enemies. Protect the kingdom with all that you have to keep the enemies away from your kingdom. Stop them from getting through your defenses at any cost or the outcome will be not bearable. Make uses of many different ally units as you bring them to the place of battle.

Use multiple tactics depending on your unit’s specific skills and properties. Modify your armies so they’ll become more powerful during battles. Make yourself more competitive by various enemies and giant bosses. Pick up this amazing mobile game which you can enjoy as you want.


Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the specific strategy of game:

In the start, Android gamers will have specific but addictive strategy of game with Grow Castle MOD APK. Find yourself protecting your castle from the attacks of the evil forces. If you fail then your kingdom’s fate will be completely hopeless. Moreover, the simple defend game with enhanced mechanics make Grow Castle easily accessible.

Build up your castle tower:

Gamers can participate in building and upgrading their castles. Select any of upgrades such as building new levels, extend your towers to fit more armies inside, give it better protection so it can hold attacks of enemies. Make your tower high with number of floors or unlock new powers.

Units with multiple powers:

And as you start the game, you’ll have access to number of various units that you can have in your army troops. Select any of multiple units with specific powers and properties. Pick up the strong archers who’re able to deal with the enemies. Use magical powers to attacks on enemies. Or attack them with your magical voodoo stuffs.

Multiple customization for your units:

Moreover, there are also number of upgrades that you can use on your units. Depending on strategies, you should only focus on different units so you don’t have to waste too much money. Use your armies against number of waves of enemies and enjoy your victories.

Powerful heroes with amazing powers:

On top of the list, the game also provides the mighty heroes, whose presence on the battlefields can easily turn the tide of battles. And not like your normal units, heroes can be empowered as well as level up. With the accurate and proper help, your heroes can easily change the tide of battle against the evil forces. Make sure you give your heroes many upgrades so they can stand powerful no matter what.

Their specific buffs to your complete defending garrison. With more than hundred and twenty different heroes, each with their own characters, the game will be highly fun and enjoyable.

Build up colonies:

It’s not like other defend game where you have to focus only on the simple tower defense gameplay, gamers in Grow Castle are also familiar with other amazing activities. It is being said that, you can complete number of missions to get resources. Or make your own colonies and recruit workers to start collecting treasure for you. Make uses of every source of income to enhance your overall stance.

Play with with online gamers:

Moreover, the game also provides online gameplay where gamers can enjoy the game with number of online gamers. Find yourself competing with your enemies in real battles. Breakdown enemies and enhance to the higher level so you can unlock better levels. Grow castle MOD APK will also introduced to the online Guild system. Here, you can meet up with the most outstanding gamers in the game.

Make your own guild or join an amazing one so you can start playing the game with players from the whole world. Never feel lonely in Grow Castle.

Free to play:

Instead of all the amazing features, the game is now free to play on all Android mobiles. So, you can download and install the game from the Google Play Store easily. But, the purchases in application and somewhat irritating ads might bother you.

Enjoy infinite coins:

To make yourself even more satisfied with Grow Castle MOD APK, we also introduce our amazing mod version of the game for all of our gamers. All you need is to install the mod and download our Grow Castle Mod APK file on your android devices. There’ll also be amazing instructions to make sure that there is not any mistake. So you’ll find it relatively easy.

Graphics and sound quality:

The game provides relatively simple graphics that make it relatively accessible on most of Android devices. Moreover, the friendly cartoony art designs also make the game suitable for number of gamers.

Sound quality:

Enjoy yourself in the non ending battles with appropriate and dynamic sound effects. On top of all that, the powerful and perfect soundtracks will keep you connected to the game for most of the time.


In this refreshing tower defense game you will be able to join millions of online gamers and have fun. Challenge yourself in number of missions and levels while having fun with the amazing gameplay and character designs.

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