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WhatsApp is one of the best messaging applications so far in the communication market. However, being a well-known application is not enough that it will provide all the features that will meet your expectations.

So when new compared WhatsApp with the mod versions of it they take all the numbers in providing dreamy features that the WhatsApp application lacks.

Mod version keeps the application updated and adds more features that provided the best experience, but WhatsApp has failed to enhance the app and keep it up to date. Now let’s move on to the main part of the article where we will give you all the details on the mod version we are planning to share with you.

We will try to keep the article friendly so that everyone can understand it quickly and easily without facing issues. Therefore, today we came up with GioWhatsApp APK, a mod version of WhatsApp that lets you customize the app according to your needs. In the application, you will get customization options from where you can set up all the features as liking.

In order to make sure your account remains safe from fraudulent access, you can lock it up. Hundreds of themes are at your fingertips that you can change anytime when you get bored to see the same old WhatsApp theme.

To the users who are wondering whether this application is safe to use or not then let me clear your assumption. This application is completely safe since it includes an anti-ban feature that will provide you with a fearless experience and will keep your account safe from being blocked or banned.

APK Features

Record voice Messages

Using GioWhatsApp’s voice message feature, you can conveniently communicate with someone.

Instead of typing a message and spending much time explaining what you want to say, you can record the message and send it directly to the recipient.

To do this, all you need to do is to press on the mic icon speak what you want, and send.

Anti-ban protection

Official WhatsApp may often ban your WhatsApp account since you are using the mod version of it that they considered an illegal activity.

Plus, they may ask you to switch to the official WhatsApp if you don’t want that they ban your account permanently. But all the mod users don’t need to worry about being banned permanently by the official WhatsApp because the application has added an anti-ban feature that will keep the account safe.

Transparent interface

The official WhatsApp offers a simple, but understandable user interface but we don’t have an option to switch it up with some new and unique user interfaces.

However, now with this mod version, everything is easy for you since you can customize and design the interface according to your needs. Plus, there is a transparent interface that you can use if you would like to keep WhatsApp more attractive.

Copy WhatsApp status

The mod is for those of you who do not have the time to find out the best and most engaging stories to put on your social media sites that will catch your audience’s attention. Within the application, you will find the option to copy your contacts’ WhatsApp stories and then share them on your social media accounts.

You already know that in WhatsApp we don’t get this feature if we like someone’s story we may ask them to send it to you or we have to search for it on the internet so that we can download it from there but now it is easy for us we can simply save any story direct to our device gallery.

Hide audio and call button

By using this application, you are also able to hide the call and audio button so that no one can misuse the account in your absence.

Send Larger Files 100 Mb

As in the official WhatsApp, we were not able to send larger files whether these are photos, videos, audio files, docs, or whatever but now this application makes it easy for us that without installing any third-party extensions we can send larger-sized files easily.

You can send up to 100MB files, 90 plus images, videos of 10 minutes, and many more.

Send customized messages

For those users who forget to complete their tasks and to send birthday wishes etc. on time, there is also the option of setting up personalized messages.

So now it is possible for them that they can customize the message, set up the date and time, select the person whom they want to send, and set up reminders.

Create unlimited WhatsApp groups

In this application, users have the opportunity to create unlimited groups and add members to them so that they can all talk together instead of separately talk.

Share your school work so that the student who didn’t come to school can see what work he or she has to prepare for tomorrow as well as create groups for office, family, friends, or any other.

Conference calls are another alternative to sharing information or communicating via messages. The conference call can be held for up to eight participants at a time.

Block unknown users

The easiest way to stop someone from annoying you with their calls or messages is to block them so they won’t be able to call you or send you a message again. However, in the future, if you wish to unblock them again, you can do that as well.

Blue Tick’s Privacy

Using this application, you can enable the blue tick feature so the messages you have seen won’t turn blue until you respond to them. This is a good feature since sometimes we don’t want to reply, but we don’t want to argue as well or explain why we didn’t reply.

The tick will remain grey until we reply, so if we accidentally read the message but are busy at that moment, we can reply anytime later when we have time to talk.


  • This application will let you customize the privacy as per your own choice
  • You have the opportunity that if someone irritating you simply block them so that they don’t irritate you or make you frustrated again
  • Message can be set up and it will be delivered to the specific person on the specific date and time you have set up
  • Through this application, you can get in touch with your overseas family, friends, or anyone
  • Lots of hiding options are available that will make your experience more securable and also you can set them up as per your requirements
  • Make groups and start talking to everyone within the group in one place instead of talking to each individual member separately

Downloading Process

GioWhatsApp APK is one of the best alternative version of WhatsApp that offer plenty of new and unique features. So if you want to experience them by yourself you must first install them onto your device.

The process of downloading is as simple as WhatsApp. All you need to do is to click on the download button and begin the downloading process. As the application will install on your device you just have to enable the unknown source.

After then, do the same procedure you did for the official WhatsApp such as enter your number verify it and start chatting with your friends or with whomever.


GioWhatsapp is an application that is developed for users so that they can get more features and make their communication experience even better and more enjoyable. This is not wrong that the mod versions now become more popular than the official apps due to their better addition of features.

So by using the mod version of WhatsApp you will be able to customize the app as per choice or as well as can make your account double secured with its advanced privacy features.

Please download it immediately from our website and let us know what you think about it and whether you think it is worth downloading or not in the comment section.

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