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Free Fire is a mobile version of the ultimate survival shooting game. Each 10-minute game pits you against 49 other players on a lonely island, all of whom are fighting for survival. Players can use their parachute to choose their starting point and try to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive cars, hide in the woods, or blend in by proning under grass or rifts to explore the vast landscape. There is only one goal: to survive and fulfil one’s responsibilities. Ambush, snipe, and survival are all options.

Free Fire basic controls:

A virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen controls your character, while buttons on the right side control shooting, crouching, laying down, and jumping. When you come across a weapon, container, vehicle, or door, tap on the on-screen button to interact with it. You’ll also discover your inventory in the upper right corner, where you may choose the weapon you want to use.

The game’s progression in Free Fire:

The game begins with all of the participants parachuting onto the island. As soon as they land, they must flee in search of weapons while avoiding the onslaught of the other players. Keep an eye out for the force field that closes in on you as the game progresses. If it reaches you, you will perish. Fortunately, if you approach too close to the forcefield, you can race away in any of the available vehicles.

Fire Maps for Free:

Bermuda was the only map available for the game’s battle royal mode when it first launched. Purgatory and Kalahari, two more maps, have been launched since then. Despite the fact that they are all the same size, they are vastly different in almost every other way.


Bermuda is a tropical island with beautiful grasses and a number of islets that encircle it. The map itself contains a variety of diverse areas, such as industries, residential complexes, a power plant, a shipyard, and a hangar, among others. This is the default map that everyone gets when they download the game, hence it’s one of the most popular.


This is the second map to be released, and it has a completely different layout. Purgatory is a large area of land divided into three sections by a lengthy forking river. The northern section is the largest, including most of the map’s locations, while the other two are rather tiny and provide strong fighting opportunities for players in the opening few minutes of the game. This map is available from 6 to 10 p.m. every day.


The newest addition to the map collection, featuring a big desert with a variety of unique and bizarre spots. Kalahari is one of the most chaotic maps, with several good weaponry dispersed across its various sections. It also features a variety of areas that may accommodate a variety of play types. Kalahari has it all, from close-quarters engagements with SMGs and shotguns to long-range encounters with sniper weapons.

Gameplay using Free Fire:

The game’s main mode is a battle royal mode, in which up to 50 players descend on one of the three areas stated above and run about acquiring guns, gear, and other types of loot to give them an advantage over their opponents. Players can sign up for solo, duos, or squads, which allow them to play alone, with a partner, or with a team of up to four players.

Free Fire is a basic third-person shooter at its core. If you use Blues tacks to play on PC, the experience will be similar to that of other popular games like PUBG or Fortnite. In this case, you’ll use the WASD keys to move about, the number keys to select from your equipped weapons and throwables, and the mouse to aim and shoot. Assault rifles, SMGs, handguns, shotguns, and sniper rifles, among others, are all various sorts of weapons that handle differently and thrive in different scenarios.

As the game goes, the “safe zone” shrinks, lowering the fighting area and forcing teams to relocate to safety, which frequently means encountering foes. Bombardments, in which selected locations are blasted with bombs that deal heavy damage and leave behind a poisonous miasma that causes damage to everyone within, are another random event that can occur during the game. Players must either seek shelter in a building or leave the area entirely to deal with this. Nonetheless, the biggest threat on the map is always the safe zone, which is represented by the shrinking white circle, and it’s critical to keep an eye on it and move ahead of the other players to secure advantageous positions.

Free Fire Weapons:

There is a plethora of weaponry in Free Fire, and the number is growing as the developers add new guns to the mix. These weapons are divided into several groups, which include the following:

1.Handguns (HG):

Sidearms that have more stopping power than melee weapons but are outperformed by other weapon kinds. They’re still better than your fists, and some of them can even kill foes with a few well-placed shots.

2.Assault Rifles (AR):

AR stands for Assault Rifle.

Standard weapons with a fair mix of firepower, accuracy, and rate of fire. Because of their versatility, you’ll almost certainly have at least one of these in your inventory.

3.SMGs (submachine guns):

Fast weapons that sacrifice range for close-quarters firepower. They frequently have a rapid fire rate, but also have a lot of recoil and spread, thus they require some practice to use successfully. Nonetheless, once you’ve gotten used to them, they’re really effective.

4.Shotguns (SG):

Shotguns are a type of firearm that can be used as the best weapons for close-quarters combat. Shotguns may readily remove adversaries in one or two shots, but dealing lethal damage requires extreme precision. They are meta weapons that are frequently employed by professionals to fight while running and jumping.

5.SR (Sniper Rifles):

Precision firearms, most of which are semi-automatic or bolt-action. Despite their sluggish fire rates, their accuracy is unrivalled, and their superb scopes allow them to pick off targets from great distances. With an SR, a single headshot is typically enough to take out an attacker.


These weapons dramatically boost the power and range of your melee swings, but they are clearly at a disadvantage while battling from afar against other guns. When the player draws their melee weapons, however, they can run at fast rates, making it easier to move from point to point. Players frequently rush enemy snipers with melee weapons for quick (and humorous) kills.

When it comes to guns and weaponry in Free Fire, there is a lot of variation, but the perfect gun for you will be determined by your playstyle. However, there are several meta weapons that are excellent for most situations due to their higher stats. Similarly, certain weapon types are common in most players’ arsenals, especially at higher levels.

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