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Name Fouad MODS APK
Version 2.0
Updated April 05, 2022
DeveloperFouad WhatsApp APK
ID com.fouad.mod
Category Apps, Social



Fouad WhatsApp APK is the oldest modified version of WhatsApp that became popular as it was released and constantly receiving love from the people who use this application. This application you can easily download on your android devices but apple users can’t download it. This application has the same benefits and features as in GB WhatsApp.

So people who have already used GB WhatsApp APK will love this application for sure. Since this version updated and improved bugs every month so when new updates come your WhatsApp will then automatically be updated. This application provides you with unlimited additional features that you will not find in the original version of WhatsApp.

That’s why most people use modified WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp. With this application, they will be able to do customization, App Locks, Chat Locks, Archived Chats,  Trimming the WhatsApp statuses, Block contacts, and calls, New stickers, and Emoticons, different layouts, freeze your last seen, hide status, and lots of other features that you will access as you install it on your device.

Through this application, you can restore and backup your chat within minutes. This application provides you the feature of privacy so with it you can set up security codes. By doing so your WhatsApp account will be remain saved from hackers and unknown users.

This application also provides you with end-to-end encryption so no one will be able to read your chat and even the developers themselves. So, you can now interact with anyone without fear that someone can get access to your account and read your chats without letting you know.

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK free of cost from our website and get the most up-to-date and bugs improved version right away.

APK Features

Receive calls from your desired contacts

When you use Fouad WhatsApp, you can set the phone settings exactly the way you want. By doing so, you will not get upset by receiving calls repeatedly from everyone.

Then you should consider using Fouad WhatsApp because it will provide you the ability that you can set up that who can call you such as My Contacts, Nobody, or some specific persons.

View deleted status

Occasionally, some of our contacts delete their WhatsApp status after a while due to reasons. Therefore, we are able to view that deleted WhatsApp status as well without any hassles.

Disable Forwarded Message

The most annoying thing is that whenever we send forward messages to our friends. The forward message will always display the forward tag on that message which is so annoying.

So if you want that no one will know that this is the forward message then you should disable it from the setting and then send forward messages without forwarding tags.

Hide Last Seen

Using Fouad WhatsApp’s best feature, users will be able to freeze their last seen. Therefore, no one will ever see your latest last seen. Instead, whenever they open your inbox, they will see the time when you were frozen last seen.


The new feature that WhatsApp has announced is anti-view-once so as soon as you open the chat inbox and view that particular photo and video it will then disappear in a second after viewing. But now with this Fouad WhatsApp, you can view photos and videos for unlimited time without any restrictions.

Set Wallpaper on the home screen

If you love to customize the application the way you want then you should definitely download this application.

Because this application offers you the feature from where you will get hundreds of home screen wallpapers and that you can use to switch the simple WhatsApp home screen with the newest wallpaper.

Hidden Media Gallery

As you have already known, if someone sends us an image or video on WhatsApp it’s directly saved on our device gallery and everyone can view it from the gallery and pick up our phone.

But if you don’t want that your WhatsApp media files have shown in the gallery then you should download Fouad WhatsApp because this application introduces the feature, with it your media will not be saved in the gallery.

Show Blue ticks after reply

When we are busy we can’t read the messages that our friends have sent to us or sometimes we just reply to them after hours of reading so our friends become angry due to this act.

But now if you have the Fouad WhatsApp on your mobile device then you don’t need to make your friends angry over you because you can enable the feature of blue ticks showing after a reply. Even if you read the message the ticks will be kept grey until you reply.

In-built theme stores

There are hundreds of themes available in the application so you can set it up as per your choice. Whenever you get bored of seeing the old theme of WhatsApp you can update it with the new one.

So this application is now entirely in your hands that how you want to modify it with uniqueness and creativities.

Backup and restore

Your WhatsApp data can be stored back and you can take backup of your old data on your new device. But this is only possible when you already backup in the google drive you were using on the old mobile. Not only get the option of restoring data back on your new device, but rather you can also restore the data back on the same device on which you had uninstalled it.


If incoming messages annoy you during movies or using other applications then you should enable the DND mod of Fouad WhatsApp.

With this feature, you can use any social network site but WhatsApp messages will no longer bother you because you have turned in the WhatsApp internet off. As you enable it again you will then start receiving the notification again.

Hide View Story

Want to view your friend’s story with whom you are angry without letting him/her know? Then we have the solution for you that you can download the Fouad WhatsApp then.

Since this application offers you the opportunity you can view the statuses of any of the contact members without letting them know that you have seen their status.

High-Quality video and images

The media that you have received on the WhatsApp application or have sent to the contact member will remain of the highest quality. You can then put these highest-quality pictures and videos on the WhatsApp stories.


  • WhatsApp last seen will be frozen and no one will then be able to know your current online status
  • View photos and videos unlimited time even the WhatsApp has announced view it for once feature
  • Set up the setting that who can call you so you will only receive calls from those whom you selected
  • You can hide your chats and also put passwords on them so no one will access it
  • View all the status that is deleted by the status updater

Downloading Process

You can download Fouad WhatsApp from our website since we provide you with the version that is updated, virus, bug, and malware-free. Also, it will work well on your android devices since this application is not compatible with Apple devices.

All you have to do is to click on the download button and get the link of downloading to start the downloading process. On the google play store, this application is not available so without looking up here and there on the internet simply visit our website and get it free of cost.


Fouad WhatsApp APK is the best alternative of WhatsApp APK. The users who are fed up with using WhatsApp’s same features can definitely try out this modified version of WhatsApp. This application comes with many unique features that WhatsApp never allows its users to access.

So if you want to make your life easier then you should definitely install this application you will astonish with its provided features and love to use them. The features that this application includes are discussed in detail but a short reminder for you again.

The features are; freezing last seen, disabling forwarding messages, safe and secure, end-to-end encryption, view deleted WhatsApp status, view deleted messages, Archived, and lock chats, and many other features. You can use this application for your daily activities with new and unique features.

The user interface of the application is very intuitive and friendly so users who are newbies will find it easy to use instead difficult and complicated.

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