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Dungeon Shooter is a funny and cool game with the features of RPG games. Players behave as a shooter to adventure in tombs and dungeons, to compete with unknown creatures, and to dig for precious metals and gem. The game is full of content, with a number of game objects, including pets, cultural elements, runes, and guns. Their reasonable combination will make the fight interesting and different.

In this game, players can not only practice the rich content but also experience the excitement brought by this shooting game. Three prominent characters are available for players to select from. Each character has its own property. You can start the adventure by selecting the character you are interested in. With enjoying unique challenging levels, players can also collect weapons, increase equipment, and adopt a number of excellent pets, like dinosaurs, tigers, lions, and jaguars.

Only one person, one pet, and one shot can discover the magical dark dungeon. In this time period, you will see different types of enemies and monsters. You can also enhance your power by fighting against them. You can make yourself strong to survive more. Besides of all that there are pet arena competitions and dungeon boss battles. And the most important teleport function give an opportunity to players to reach the ancient tomb wood. It enhances the rhythm of the game and also increases the game content.


Dungeon Shooter is an interesting shooter game for android mobile. Players will alone compete with many horror monsters that always try to attack and kill you. Dungeon Shooter is beautifully design with 3D graphics and engaging gameplay to bring a sense of excitement and attraction to the player. The background in this game will be a dungeon where a lot of monsters are hiding. You cannot find these monsters from afar because they will arise suddenly.

Each tunnel is a competition that requires players to overcome. Another element that Dungeon Shooter offers to the player is that during the fight you can also collect more pets. These are all strong animals like tigers, leopards, lions, bears and many more. Thus, they all will be a good source of support for you in your journey to kill monsters. Each feature will have different benefits and disadvantages, using them in an accurate way will bring many other benefits for you.

During killing a monster in Dungeon Shooter, the player requires to pay full attention to the range of the gun. Because if you enhance the range, the damage to them will not increases. And you will take more time to beat them. While detecting a single monster, do not run to shoot it. You have to save bullets because behind it is a number of hidden monsters present. If you keep focusing on one you will have to face difficulties.


Search for dungeon:

The setting in the dungeon shooter is very dark, only the area of center is lightened by torches. So you will not be able to find clearly these monsters from far away, and also, they will appear very sudden. This element is considered a rather terrifying challenge because it needs you to have a spirit of steel, not shaking, decrease the chance of deflecting the flight path of the bullet.

At the end, you need to kill extremely dangerous bosses. To kill them, you require skills as well as a good weapon. If you don’t want to face the boss directly, you can search for the gems and destroy them. There are three gems dispersed in each dungeon, destroying them will decrease the power of the bosses. However, when searching for these gems, be careful to make sure you do not accidentally fell into pitfalls.

A small tip that you should have idea about, do not use too many bullets for a single monster because after that, the number of monsters will appear. If you spend too much bullets on single one then it will not be easy for you to control other monsters.

Collect Pets:

In this game you not only face monsters but also met with many rare animals. During the fight, you can save and turn them into pets. They are all powerful animals such as tigers, leopards, lions, wolves and even dinosaurs. Having pets like those in team will add more power to the journey to kill hordes of aggressive monsters. Each animal has its own character.

You should learn to use them accurately and enhance full their capacity. You can also make your own pet using the “life” board. To make an animal requires one DNA and ten genes. DNA can be received by killing bosses.


As a shooting game, Dungeon Shooter provides players a variety of gun collection and high damage. You can collect them during the fight with monsters, or use the money to purchase from the store. Moreover, when you win and find the gems at the end of the stage, you will get the chance to receive materials to craft into equipment and antiques. They are used to enhance attribute points for characters.

High quality graphics:

This game is designed with 3D graphics. This game shows very good shooting action phases mixed with terrifying elements. The sound system is also scary, from the screams, and the footsteps of the character in the dark night.


Dungeon Shooter MOD APK is a game full of adventures with realistic look. In this game you have to hide due to the advance enemies. You need to collect your weapon to protect yourself before the monsters approaches you. There are unknown enemies everywhere and some bosses. Can you escape from them? Never let those monsters approach you.

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