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Are you feeling bad by the demanding and complicated mobile games that would keep you busy for hours on end? Looking for a so simple but relaxing mobile experience with your moveable gaming fun? Then you would specifically find Color bump 3D MOD APK being quite a catch. From its simple and smooth mechanics to the addictive gameplay, this game should be the thing you would ask for, in terms of enjoyment and casual mobile gameplay.

Take your phone at any time and have fun with the addictive arcade gameplay in Color bump 3D MOD APK, even just for short time. Feel free to use your skills through the test with a number of various levels featuring many difficulties, brilliant challenges, and endless enjoyment. And surely, there is no pressure and needs, just enjoy the game as you want and take a break as you like.


In the Color bump 3D MOD APK, Players will find themselves being familiar to the specific world of different geometric shapes. In this game, you will control and guide a small sphere in its complete journey during a series of amazing and interesting challenges. Explore different setups and use your abilities to deal with all type of amazing obstacles in the game.

Carefully control your ball and don’t let your ball to touch other colors when you are moving it along the tracks. Also pick up other shapes that are in your way and use them in your journey. Don’t allow the ball to get in contact with balls with other colored shapes that are kept in your ways. Use thoughtful moves and execute them with intelligence to effectively compete the challenges in game.

Have fun with this simple, straightforward, and interesting gameplay through number of interesting levels, each with its own specific requirements. Learn to protect your element against different obstacles and complete the levels with your maximum records.


Here you’ll get all the interesting features that the game has to offer:

Simple gameplay:

Android gamers in Color bump 3D MOD APK will find themselves dipped in funny and interesting gameplay with small problems. Learn touch controls to move your ball on the board using only a finger. Move it on all over the places to effectively face the hurdles in game and stop the colored objects from touching it. Focus on the countdown gauge and keep it up. If you stop your ball, you’ll be crushed. It’s a straightforward and funny game to have on your mobile phones.

Therefore, it’ll take a small amount of time for you to complete the competitions in game, specially when you get to the upper levels.

Hundreds of amazing levels to discover:

This game offers Android gamers more than hundred interesting and funny levels to allow them to fully enjoy their experiences in game. Enjoy the funny and interesting gameplay whenever you’re free, as it is a game of few minutes. Start from where you’ve left off and continue your game whenever you have the time.

And with the number of difficulties, you’ll also find each and every level of game game more and more challenging. In addition, with easy levels at the beginning, it’s so simple for you to be expert in the game. And the tough levels later on would keep you entertained and have your abilities improved to the maximum.

Interesting physics;

In each level, you’ll be introduced to number of obstacles with different setups. And to compete with these challenges, you require to make uses of your environments and effectively use the incoming same colors while making your way clear. With natural physics, the game would look and feel so relatable. And gamers will find it satisfactory by playing the different levels. Never find yourself getting bored by the bad experiences in the game.

No need of Internet:

Color bump 3D MOD APK can also be played without an Internet connection. Therefore, you can freely play the game on your android devices whenever you’re outside and don’t worry about getting a WiFi. This make the game too much interesting and enjoyable for most Android gamers, specifically when it’s what we all want in our daily based demands.

Don’t lose your progress:

On the other side, by connecting the game to the Internet and having your Google Play Service account linked to it, you will also unlock the useful cloud saves, which are really very useful and easily accessible. Color bump 3D MOD APK would also allow let to sync the game between your various devices, which is absolutely important.

Enjoy the game with different themes:

To make the game more enjoyable, gamers in Color Bump 3D APK are also introduced to different levels with different color setups. This is how you won’t find yourself being trapped in the black and white gameplay. Instead of that, you could easily find yourself being immersed in colorful setups and obstacles each time you play the game. This would make things much more inviting and interesting.

Graphics and sound quality:

Find yourself completely connected to the fun and interesting gameplay of Color bump 3D as you discover the beautiful and surreal worlds in the game. Enjoy the outstanding level setups with clean and neat geometry structures. Experience simple and fluid animations with appropriate physics in game. And specifically, enjoy the outstanding visual effects and multiple modifications in the game.

Sound quality:

Along with the interesting graphics, the game also provides android gamers to the unique and outstanding audio experiences. The game will let you to enjoy whatever music that you’re listening without being disturbed by the audio in game. And if you want to pay complete attention in the game, that’s also possible.


For those of you who’re impressed with Run Race 3D, Crowd City, and many others, you’ll probably find Color bump 3D MOD APK a great mobile game that give your time complete importance. Dive into the simple and smooth gameplay with non ending levels and outstanding setups. And specifically, have approach to the complete gameplay without purchasing anything.

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