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The world of chichens is here to make you happy and enhance your senses. Be ready to join your well liked chichens in this funny, specific, and surprisingly attractive gameplay of casual simulation, in which players are free to create their outstanding chichen family and freely communicate with them. Enjoy playing the unique gameplay of simulation with the outstanding chichens whenever you like.

Smoothly tap and tap to have great fun with your own specific chichens adventures. Unlock many amazing interactions with the beautiful chichens and fun quests to help your beautiful pets change. Click to put your chichens in frenzy moods and unlock cool elements from them. Discover the many worlds in game, where you can get equally cute and amazing chichens. Never find yourself getting bore in the game.


In Chichens MOD APK, Android gamers will have the opportunity to explore the specific world of infinite cuteness. With specific creatures called chichens occupying the worlds in game, players can become a chichen owners and make many beautiful chichen gardens. Have the most beautiful and best chichens featured in your gardens so you can smoothly tap and get energies from them.

Simultaneously, also enjoy collecting many specific drops of items from your chichens. All of which should let you to enjoy the game completely. Experience the funny and attractive gameplay of normal clicker with its specific chichen mechanics. Unlock specific and cool chichens that you can use in your different gardens, each having their own beautiful looks and interesting characters.

Enjoy playing the game with many amazing small games where you can have fun interacting with and discovering your chichens completely. Upgrade and extend your chichen gardens to have more of these adorable creatures available on your mobile devices.


Here are all the adorable features that the game has to offer:

Simply tap and enjoy:

Chichens gamers can enjoy the simple and outstanding mobile game, thanks to its amazing and understanding mechanics. In chichen MOD APK mobile gamers are allowed to freely connect with their chichens using the simple clicker methods. You just required to tap and tap on them to turn them in frenzy mod and have your energy drops.

Also unlock all types of specific items that come out from your chichens, which can be used for many upgrades and power-up actions. Remember that after going into frenzy mod, your chichens will go to sleep and it will take a time to wake up.

Having unique traits and characters:

For those of you who liked chichen MOD APK, you can now enjoy the outstanding gameplay of Chichens with many beautiful and cool chichens from the game. In this game, the mobile theme allows you to pick up dozens of multiple chichens, each having their own specific traits and characters. Enjoy featuring all the best chichens in your gardens so you can enjoy finding their specific interactions. Moreover, you can never have end of their cuteness.

Gardens with specific chichens:

Simultaneously, the game will let mobile gamers to pass the level and unlock their new options. In chichen MOD APK, you can explore your new gardens with new chichens that you can enjoy while playing. Select to find the beautiful Forest, underground Caves, spooky Dungeons, interesting Temple, incredible Darkness, unique Tundra, scary Hallows, and friendly Family gardens, each having their own specific chichens for you to discover and enjoy.

Unlock new slots:

To make the game more enjoyable and interesting, Chichens will also provide unlockable slots, which you can select to upgrade to have more chichens on your gardens. Always try to gather all the available upgrades thus you can have all your chichens living and enjoying in your own beautiful gardens.

Move the level up:

You can level up the chichens in your gardens just by feeding them with food. But remember that the hungry chichens will need a bundle of food to level up. So, you’ll have to work hard to collect money in game. Moreover, the chichens will only have few levels, so upon reaching the maximum, you will have the choice to star your chichens.

This will change them small again but let your chichens to start with best stats, thus allowing you to get more money with them. Always star your chichens completely to unlock your chichens, thus you can have great fun with the game.

Many small games to enjoy:

For those of you who are liked chichen MOD APK, you can now enjoy playing many small games, each allowing Android players to enjoy their specific gameplay with their favorite chichens. Simply open the game and start discovering your specific small games, which will only take a minimum time. Enjoy the simple but enjoyable and specific small games in your various gardens whenever you like.

Capture any moments of your choice:

And to make sure that you won’t miss out of any memorable moments with your adorable chichens, Chichens gamers can make use of the built-in camera option to quickly and effortlessly capture many in-game moments. Have fun working with cool camera angles to snap unique and interesting pics of your adorable chichens.

Available in different languages:

For those of you who liked these games, you can now have fun with the game in number of languages, also with the poor English. Just enter the game and go to the language settings to start enjoying with the game.

Get your daily rewards freely:

To make the game more exciting, Chichens also provides cool daily rewards which you can pick up easily without doing anything. Simply start the game and get your free prizes on the go. Completing objectives of game is not easy. Just make sure that you’re going back to the game every day to collect your rewards.

Play the game without Internet:

For those of you who liked the game, you can now play with Chichens with or without the internet. In this game, the offline gameplay lets the mobile gamers to have maximum fun with many of the features in-game. There is no need to turn the mobile data on or to look for Wi-Fi connections to play this game.

Play free of cost:

Despite all the amazing features, Chichens is still free for all Android players to have fun with their mobile devices. Consequently, you can easily play the free game on the Google Play Store and start enjoy with it.

Graphics and sound quality:

With beautiful arts and multiple colors, Chichens brings Android gamers to the outstanding world of chichens with little animals, each having their own specific designs and outstanding animations. Don’t get bored when interacting and enjoying with your beautiful pets. This undemanding 2D graphics will also allow players smooth and satisfying gameplay of Chichens on all your Android devices.


Get ready to involve yourself in the oustanding world of Chichens, where you can freely connect and enjoy with the beautiful animals on the go. Freely play with your loving pets, unlock new chichens, pass the level and change your pets, unlock new worlds in game with beautiful chichen gardens that you can make.

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