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NameCatch Ducks
Updated Feb 20, 2022
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Catch Ducks Game:

Do you want to catch all the ducks in your area? Look no further, the Catch Ducks Game APK is exactly what you need! This app is a perfect way to test your duck hunting skills. With realistic graphics and sounds, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of a duck hunt! So download today and start catching some ducks!

What is Catch Ducks APK?

The game starts off with you looking out into the water, waiting for some ducks to fly by. Once they appear on screen, hit the touch screen to make your shot; but be careful because hitting the wrong target or shooting too soon will cause you to lose points!

You can get combos by catching multiple ducks without missing any shots. The aim of the game is to get as many combos as possible without running out of health if you run out, you will lose!

How does it work?

The first level starts off with a tutorial that teaches players how to use all weapons and complete missions. After a lengthy tutorial, Catch Ducks Game throws players into the heat of battle right away.

They immediately have to take on ducks that fly by and use a shotgun to take them out. If you hit a duck, it falls straight down for you to catch. If the duck flies off the screen, or if your shot is too weak, you lose points.

You have 3 minutes at first to progress as far as possible – but of course, you can play the game in your spare time in case you want to go in for a quick round!

Ready to start hunting? Searching for the Catch Ducks Game APK is easy, simply click on the button below. If you don’t have any experience with installing apps, allow an exception when prompted.

This app has everything you want from an app! With duck hunting, combos, and a time limit you will be entertained for hours. Try it out today!


The app is a fun way to learn about ducks while also helping out those who need some help. It includes a quiz game with different levels of difficulty, as well as a feature that allows users to identify ducks in photos.

The app is available for free on Android devices. It has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has received mostly positive reviews from users.


Catch Ducks Game APK is a thrilling and fun-filled game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The objective of the game is to help the ducklings cross the road without being hit by the cars. This can be achieved by swiping the screen in the direction of the ducks. The game becomes more challenging as you progress and there are obstacles such as logs and rocks that need to be avoided.

The advantage of Catch Ducks Game APK is that it is a free game that does not require any in-app purchases. It can be installed on devices running on Android 4.1 or higher versions. The graphics are realistic and provide an enjoyable experience for players.


Answer: The disadvantages of Catch Ducks Game APK are as follows:

  1. It can be addictive: Some users find the game so addictive that they cannot stop playing it, which can lead to problems such as sleeplessness and loss of focus on other activities.
  2. It can be time-consuming: Some users spend too much time playing the game and do not finish their work or other important tasks.
  3. It can be expensive: Users may end up spending money on in-game purchases without realizing it.
  4. It may contain malware: A few users have reported that the game contains malware, which can harm their devices or steal information from them.
  5. The graphics are poor: Compared to some other games, the graphics of Catch Ducks Game APK are poor and not pleasing to the eyes.

Catch Ducks Game is a fun game that can be played on Android devices. It has simple controls and an easy-to-play interface which makes it accessible to all types of users.


The app is a game where you have to catch ducks. You can either use your finger to control the direction of the net or drag the duck to the desired location.

Catch Ducks is an enjoyable and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The app features high-quality graphics and realistic animations that make it look like you’re really out there in the muddy water trying to catch some ducks! So if you’re looking for a fun new game to kill some time, be sure to download Catch Ducks today!

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