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Cartoon Wars 3 Mod is available on the mobile phone. This is a game made on strategy gameplay. The content moves around the tough competition between stickman warriors. In the role of a main character, it is possible to take a large number of stickman soldiers. Your objective is to destroy the enemy hold and win to get attractive rewards. This version belongs to the 3rd part of the Cartoon Wars game series. With a plenty of new features added.

Moreover improving many elements to help everyone have the great experience. It is possible to modify and strengthen the power to enhance the capabilities of the warriors. It offers multiple game modes to recreate exciting battles. All new design of the game are consists of 2D graphics. You can play the powerful Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK with all your favorite characters of the cartoon.

This game is full of super heroes, and you can select one of your most favorite cartoon characters and start a battle with them. This game will never be tough for beginners because of the user friendly design. It has many rich features that you can expect from any fighting game. Because there are many other fighting and ear games on Google Games Store, but what makes this game unique is the interface that users can find in this app.



In Cartoon Wars 3 Mod game you will be coming to the defense battles of the city. In this story each level opens up an extremely difficult battle. Your aim is to constantly summon stickman warriors. Let them come on the battlefield to defeat the enemy forces. After destroying them, they will be able to attack the opponent’s stronghold. Do this again and again until you can finish the enemy side.

After winning the fight from enemies you will be able to continue to enter the new match. Simultaneously, based on that will receive valuable prizes. There is also a chance to unlock stronger stickman warriors. After that summon them to increase the ability of your army. In battle level or any other mode of the game, many activities will be taking place on the battlefields of Cartoon Wars 3 Mod.

With the strong attacks between the two armies common goal is to enter the enemy place to destroy. You can also use different features to increase your experience. If you don’t choose to fight manually, you can utilize the auto feature. AI ​​system will control the match. You can keep an eye on what’s going on in the battlefield. You can shoots sharp fighters from long distances. Or within time, modify to fire more firepower. Enemies can be easily destroyed when hit.


Multiple Modes:

There are a multiple game modes offer by Cartoon Wars 3 Mod. Such as team battle, raid, and siege modes. Same as other versions. A new mode will be joined, and the gameplay of the old mode will remain the similar. In the team match, other players can be added. Join them to form a group to attack and finish the enemy stronghold.

Or by raid mode to prove your stickman army power. Last one is siege mode, with its own conditions. Here the aim is to summon stickman warriors to make a strong army. Attack the enemy and destroy them to finish the battle.

Combine warriors with multiple skills:

There are lots of different stickman warriors available for you to summon in Cartoon Wars 3 Mod. Each warrior have a unique style of attack. Their power is also shown through the ability to protect against the damage created. That unique style will be reflected in the equipment and body size.

Many warriors are normally spearmen and soldiers armed with swords and shields. Military tools such as rocket planes and helicopters are also provided with rotating guns. Many other warriors are also available that you will unlock later and their abilities are rated with a many stars.

Protect your tower:

An important duty of the player in this game is to protect his tower. So always use correct ways to save your tower ideally and always be prepare to destroy the tower of your forces. The game will arrange your arrow launchers to destroy the towers of your enemies. There are also a multiple of other tools in this cartoon war. But all these upgraded weapons are not for free. You can utilize them only after purchasing them with official money.

Build Strong Units:

Another step to reach victories is to make your units strong and work hard to boost them. You can make them powerful by arranging your army. Make a team with powerful friends or with other players to make it easy for yourself in cartoon wars gunner mod APK.

Best quality sounds And visuals:

Beautiful sounds and graphics are the main features of cartoon wars. The game is offering both 3D and 4D graphics for its fans. On the other side, the smooth sound will also relax your mind in the best way.

Unlimited Money:

Modified version of this game will grant you unlimited money, gems, and gold as reward.

Join events:

Many events waits for you in this game. Every month you can sign up for multiple high-performance events to help you to reach where you are in the rankings. Events provide a chance to you to learn more about the game and defeat your opponents using the best strategies and tactics you learn from the event.


Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK seems very similar to other fighting games, but in reality it offers users a completely change environment. You will never see a mobile game like this on the Google Play Store. We will advise you to try this app because of its perfect graphics and unique stories that you can see.

How To Download Cartoon War 3 MOD APK?

  • To download cartoon war mod APK following simple steps are given.
  • Press the download button below the image of the game.
  • It will take you to the download page. Then wait for few seconds on the download page.
  • The download link will be available to you. Press on it. Downloading will start immediately.
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