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The Internet is a harmful world, even at any moment, you can be the target for number of unknown cyber attacks. These could be the reason for lose of your precious data, personal information, and you can loose your money too. That’s why many mobile users are opting for a safe defender application to help them save their devices. You can always trust in Bitdefender Mobile Security MOD APK to keep your devices safe as it has the best name on the market.

With a large database of anti-virus data and many interesting safety measurements to confirm your devices’ security, Bitdefender Mobile Security will permit Android users to rest with this mobile application. Freely have it on your Android devices as you turn on the antivirus and security features on your mobile phones it will completely protect your devices.


With this amazing mobile app of Bitdefender Mobile Security MOD APK, Android users can now rest by knowing that their devices will be safe. Here, the app will let you to stay away from unsecured unknown party applications, untrusted websites with potential malwares, you will also be able to block phishing attempts on your devices.

In addition, for those of you who like this app, you can now make uses of the amazing Android app in Bitdefender Mobile Security and use multiple security options on your devices, which will also save it from harmful people who would want to invade your personal data. In the end we will ay that feel free to use the newly added VPN option to unblock your connection and allow you to reach the online world fully.


Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Protect your devices from bugs:

Android users in Bitdefender Mobile Security can make use the mobile application to scan your full devices for potential bugs and viruses. Simply use the app and multiple scanning options to find out unwanted hacking and tracking programs that are taking information from your devices. It has a 100% detection rate, you can trust in Bitdefender Mobile Security without any problem.

You can also recover the all deleted data by using the useful mobile application of Bitdefender Mobile Security MOD APK.  Use Autopilot to easily set your defenses For those of you who liked this application, you can now use the useful Autopilot setting in Bitdefender Mobile Security, which will show Android users to many suggested security settings for their different preferences.

This app will give you a deeper insight on your different security posture, making it much more comfortable to work with several features in app. Secure your account privacy.

Secure your applications with pin:

Bitdefender Mobile Security users will now be able to save their Android apps with PIN, which will make it much easy for you to freely work on. Simply choose your Pin for each application and you can stop others from trying to reach your personal data. With modified timeout settings, you can stopped others from unlocking your passwords.

Apply fingerprint lock:

Simultaneously, freely try out the amazing fingerprint locking mechanics, which will make it much easier for you to apply the fingerprint lock in any of your personal apps. Unlock number of sensor supporting options which will let your apps to be immediately unlocked just by touch touch.

Set smart Unlock options:

In addition, save your time from unlocking the devices and different apps, you can also use the Smart Unlock option for your Bitdefender Mobile Security PIN and fingerprint locks. Now, the devices can quickly unlock once it reconnects to your connected Wi-Fi connections, like your home Wi-Fi hub. Freely enjoy your interesting application of Bitdefender Mobile Security to the completely with it’s interesting features.

Protect you from dangerous content:

And whenever you search the online content, Bitdefender Mobile Security will give different security measurements to save you from harmful content. Here, you can easily keep your browsing data protected from trackers and hackers. Always use the Web Protection feature due to which you will be able to enjoy real time virus protection on your devices.

Prevent others from invading your devices:

Also, to stop others from spying on you, Bitdefender Mobile Security users can also create their own Snap Photo option. By doing this the app will automatically take a photo of those who have been trying to reach your mobiles data. This will stop others from ever trying to spy on your phones and your personal information.

Offers protective measurements:

Moreover, if your devices ever get lost, don’t worry by knowing that the Anti-Theft option is now available on your android devices. Freely use the feature to check the location of your devices’ location on the map, secretly turn on the alarms once you reach it, and even try to delete all your data if you weren’t able to find the phone or keep all your secrets safe.

Download the app:

For those of you who liked this app, you can now use the available wearable devices for connecting to Bitdefender Mobile Security MOD APK. Expand your security option with Bitdefender Mobile Security on various devices. Turn on your Phone Alarm and Screen, use different many features in Bitdefender Mobile Security for absolute online security.

Enjoy unlocked version without any cost:

Enjoy the unlocked version of this app on our website.


Now, Android users will find themselves protecting their personal data and connectivity from Antivirus in very detail. All it takes is for you to get the amazing mobile app of Bitdefender Mobile security MOD APK.

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