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NameAuto Clicker APK
UpdatedMarch 13, 2022
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When it comes to repetitive tasks, Auto Clicker APK is the best tool to use. If there is a lot of work you have to accomplish within a limited amount of time, then this application is a must. Your work will be made easier and more efficient by this application, which does the work of typing single digits, words, and even lines of 2 or 3 words for you.

The first thing that you need to do is enable all the features of this application. You must then open that specific application and put that dot on that word, number, or whatever. Set the interval after it’s placed on that specific number or word and then play it. It will start clicking on that number until the interval you set hasn’t been completed.

Auto clicker APK can be downloaded easily from our website. The application will work without any bugs or viruses when you download it from our site. You will also be able to use it without experiencing any issues with the application. In most cases, people use this application for their office work to complete it quickly and efficiently.

It will count up at that speed and complete the work in a short period of time if you increase its speed accordingly to high and low.

It has an intuitive, comprehensive interface that is very easy to use. So, even if you are completely new to this app, you will quickly learn how to use it.

APK Features

Send repeated message

With this application, you are able to send repeated messages multiple times without doing anything. Just place the dots on that specific number and then this application performs the rest of the work itself.

Single target Mod/ Multiple target Mod

There are two mods available for you that you can select according to your work requirement. If your work is more than one digit then select the multiple mod clicker but if you just type one digit then you should select the single mod to perform your work.

Easy to use

This application is very easy to use. There are no complicated features included in this application. Each feature of this application is easy to understand and perform tasks.

Don’t tire yourself

The application will help you complete your tasks in an hour if you have a lot of work to do. So don’t exhaust yourself and let it do the work for you. Specify the duration of which number or word you want to appear at this time and then put the dot on those specific digits.

Challenge your Friends

If you are playing any clicker game and your friend challenges you that if you click a hundred times in this specific time then you should use this application to complete your challenge. I guess this is cheating but between friends, it happens.


  • Complete your office work in a short time
  • Application do all your work itself
  • Set up the interval and let the work done
  • Challenge your friends to click in such seconds and win that challenge with this application
  • No complication you will feel in this application while using it


Auto Clicker is the best application for completing your office tasks quickly. If you have lots of work that you have to do in an hour then this application will help you to complete your work. Do not tire yourself, allow this application to do the work for you.

Once you’ve set up the dot on a specific digit, you can then select the duration you want for the digit or word you want at this time. There are two mods available for you to choose from, depending on your work requirements. The multiple mod clicker is for work that consists of more than one digit; however, if you just need to type one digit, the single mod clicker is the right choice. Our website allows you to download Auto clicker APK for free.

You won’t find any bugs or viruses in the application when you download it from our website. Additionally, the application will run smoothly on your device as well. The application has a very user-friendly interface that is understanding and comprehensive as well. Therefore, even if you have never used this application before, you will be able to figure out how to use it.

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