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Animation Throwdown Apk is a marvelous and expeditious card diversion that you can play on your cell phone or tablet. The amusement has an anime topic with characters from different cartoons, for example, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe. There are even cards from Family Guy and South Park. Assembling your deck is the initial step to vanquishing your rivals in this energizing amusement. You can look over seven distinct classes of cards: creatures, saints, weapons, enchantment spells, hostile spells, enchanted things, and planes walkers. Each classification contains distinctive cards with various capacities. Utilize the assets accessible to you shrewdly to assemble a deck that will enable you to crush your adversaries. In the event that you need to get far in this activity, at that point you have to be aware of the most famous decks.

Animation Throwdown is a card amusement from Fox Digital Entertainment. It was initially accessible just for Apple gadgets running iOS and Android gadgets running Google Play. The diversion was propelled in Australia on December 5, 2015 and in different nations soon thereafter. There is a trial variant accessible for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The diversion is separated into five Divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each division has five rounds of child support with six players in each round. You can utilize your Combo cards to add Points to your group. Each card has a rate and a quality. Your objective is to have a higher Combo rate than your rivals so you can beat them in the diversion. In the event that you win, at that point you get rewards from Gems to Energy. You can use Gems to open Packs or buy boxes with cards inside it.


Animation Throwdown is an app for iPhone and Android that lets you watch, create, and share cartoons with your friends. The app has a library of over 1000 cartoons from classic shows like Looney Tunes and The Simpsons to more modern shows like Adventure Time and Rick and Morty. You can also create your own cartoons using the app’s built-in tools. And finally, you can share your cartoons with friends via social media or email.

  1. Filled with all of your favorite characters from top cartoons
  2. Create and share your own animated shorts
  3. Newest shows featured first
  4. Addicting mini games to play with friends
  5. Personalize your avatar with a range of options available
  6. Sync across multiple devices for an optimal experience on all screens

Animation Throwdown APK is available on our website with the most recent version. It’s easy to download and install to your mobile phone, click the button below to start! Note: This app is an unofficial version, not from Apple or Google Play store.

Animation throwdown cheats:

These are some of the cheats of this game

  1. Winning in the challenges – if you win a challenge, you will be given gems and coins which you can use for upgrading your cards. Look out for challenges on Monday, Wednesday and Friday because these are the days when there is new stuffs released so it is more fun playing on Mondays than Sundays. You can check out the challenges on
  2. Playing for hatching new cards – entre into adventures to hatch new cards, you can use your gems or coins for this, but it is better if you save up your gems because there are some characters that are not available in the adventure so you would want to hatch them.
  3. Fusing cards – in order to level up your cards, you have to fuse them so do not hesitate if in need for coins because you can sell off some of your cards when you are still at a low level or just play with it until you level it up and then sell it off.
  4. The power card – once in a while there will be an offer for a special card which can be used in any duel, this is similar to the superman but not as strong, like when you play vs CPU so, when you active this your opponent cannot use their power cards it makes it easier for you to win the game.
  5. Playing the game with your friends – it is more fun playing this game if you play with friends so, create a new battle code and ask all your friends to join in, you can also use groups on Facebook or other social media websites for this purpose.
  6. Buying the card packs for free – there is a tank that appears from time to time on the screen where you can tap on it and watch an ad video in order to get extra gems, this is good if you don’t have enough money to buy some.

Animation Throwdown Hack is available on our site with the most recent version. It’s easy to download and introduce to your versatile, simply click the connection beneath!

Note: This hack instrument is an unofficial adaptation, not from Apple or Google Play.


The advantages of Animation Throwdown APK are that it is a fun and engaging way to learn how to create animations.

It’s not just about following instructions, you have to think about what each part of your animation will do and how it will look as well. It forces you into making tough decisions, such as whether or not to use a fade-in or out for example. The app also has some great tutorials on different types of animations so if one type doesn’t suit your needs there are plenty more tutorials available! Plus they’re all relatively cheap at $1 per week which makes this purchase even more affordable!


The main disadvantage of Animation Throwdown is that it’s an online game, and as such you’ll need to be connected at all times.

Another downside to the app is that there are no in-app purchases or ads, so if your internet connection goes off for any reason (or you go out of town), then your progress will stop until things get back to normal. The developers have promised regular updates with new levels and characters – but these additions take time to make, so they may not be here yet. Finally there’s always the question about what might happen if someone hacks into this system…

Mod intro:

An animation throwdown is a battle royale game in which players fight to the death by choosing an animation at random and then running around the map until they find someone else with the same one.

The mod intro of Animation Throwdown APK has no description because it doesn’t need one. The only thing you should know about this game before downloading it is that there’s no rules, so have fun!

Mod features:

The mod features of animation throwdown APK are endless supply of new animations, sounds, and music. It also includes a completely new interface for creating your own custom sets.

The latest update to the app allows users to upload their own images or use one of the built-in templates in order to create a fully customized experience with plenty of options for color schemes and backgrounds. In addition, this newest version has added support for iPad Pro along with some minor bug fixes that were needed after such an big update like adding so many new things!


Animation Throwdown is an app for Android and iOS that allows you to watch and create cartoons. It has a library of cartoons from various studios, including Fox, Disney, Cartoon Network, and more. You can also create your own cartoons with the app.

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