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In the United States, there is a game in which you must journey to space in a ship and prepare it for departure. However, there are one, two, or three saboteurs on the ship who will slow down, cause mayhem, or destroy the players. Vote as a team via the chat and find the impostor. You win the round in Among Us mod APK if the traitor is discovered and flung into space.

Additional Information:

Name Among Us
Update Nov 11, 2021
Compatible withAndrooid4.4+
Last Version2021.11.9.5
Size121.91 MB
MODMod Menu, All Unlocked
DeveloperInnersloth LLC



Before you take off, you can review the features that have been promised during your voyage to create the shuttle. Relax, these additions aren’t the work of an imposter. Just keep reading and worry about it later…

Task Completion:

Win the game by performing all of the tasks required to construct your space shuttle. Alternatively, you can pick out all of the imposters and remove them from the game.

Response Rapidly:

Traitors might derail your plans at any time. As a result, all players will need to respond swiftly and move as rapidly as possible.

Map and Cameras:

The Admin map and cameras will assist you in keeping track of all crew members. Keep an eye out for any signs of a defector and stay attentive at all times.

Contact your partner:

When dead bodies start to appear. Make contact with your fellow players right away. As soon as possible, discuss any evidence and try to figure out who the imposters are.

Arrange Meetings:

Having stated that, meetings can be arranged to discuss any questionable activities or behaviors displayed by other participants.


You can vote to expel any suspects after a verdict has been reached. When deciding who remains and who goes, make sure you make the right choices.

More features are still to be discovered. You will, however, need to download the game in order to figure them out for yourself.


The story of Among Us takes place in a spaceship in space, where the astronauts must strive to find a way to propel the ship out of orbit. However, there are imposters within the crew who are infiltrating the ship in order to sabotage it. They have the ability to ruin the ship, cause turmoil, and divisions, and even kill individuals. As a result, the astronauts’ mission is to find anonymous imposters to leave the ship before it is destroyed.


When you first start playing, you are randomly assigned to one of the two factions. Either way, if you want to win, you must perform effectively in your aim and task.

Win the Astronaut faction by completing missions to launch the ship or chase down all the impostors. However, it was not easy to track down the impostor right away. Because they are unlikely to divulge their identity very soon. Only when there is vandalism and murder will the astronauts have information about the impostor.

When vandalism happens, they can either restore the damage or report it if any bodies are discovered. Astronauts can convene an emergency meeting to discuss suspicious behavior and decide on whether or not to remove the suspects. Remember that the ultimate goal is to eradicate the impostors and launch the spaceship.

Please do everything you can to destroy all of the Astronauts, Imposter. To accomplish this, it is necessary to first deceive people by appearing to execute activities and conversing like genuine astronauts during dialogues. They could then perpetrate vandalism in order to create panic and split the crew.

Find vents or slip into rooms to assassinate crew members in secrecy. Because the Impostors have fewer numbers, success is more difficult for them, but if you create divisions and assassinate key figures in the Astronaut side, victory will be simpler for you.


Among Us’ the artwork is incredibly charming and well-designed for the game’s style. After all, this is a party game meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family. Each character’s character model is distinct and distinct enough to have its own personality. Based on the design of the characters and environments, you can quickly distinguish Among Us from other games.

Having said that, the animations also work together to create some fluid images. For maximum optimization, the game can run at 60 frames per second. Run over the map, doing smooth moves that look and feel nice throughout the game.

Even if the art style is simple, everybody can appreciate the work, ingenuity, and imagination. As stated previously, this is a party game. As a result, the playful ambiance perfectly complements the stylistic choices.

Overall, Among Us is a fantastic game to play and an even better game to watch someone else play.

Download Among Us MOD APK for Android:

Despite the fact that it does not necessitate poor graphics or a high level of expertise, Among Us nonetheless attracts players with its interesting and entertaining content. You can now spend hours playing with your friends and family. It is an excellent approach for you to connect with and learn more about the people you care about.

Follow these few simple steps to install Among Us Mod APK into your android phone.

  1. Download the needed among us file from google or the play store.
  2. Go to your phone’s settings>security settings.
  3. Find and enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your security settings.
  4. To begin the installation, open the downloaded APK file and click the install option.
  5. Wait till the installation process complete
  6. Click on the open to start playing Among US Mod APK.
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