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Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to edit your newly captured videos? Alternatively, how about a clever mobile app that can assist you in creating beautiful animations? Finally, the addition of Alight Motion completes the ideal trinity of mobile video editors. The app will now be your ultimate tool for entire video projects, along with FilmoraGo and KineMaster.

That being said, Alight Motion, like most other programs, provides similar possibilities for efficiently customizing your in-game movies. Feel free to experiment with the vast array of video editing options and capabilities, and have fun producing stunning videos with your limitless imagination. Most significantly, for those of you interested in creating animated videos, this would be an excellent tool for the job.

With our review, you can learn more about this wonderful app from Alight Creative.

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DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
Size73 MB



Alight Motion Mod APK is a smartphone application that allows you to create graphics, visual effects, and animation. It is the only app that can be used to generate animations on Android smartphones. Alight Creative Inc. provides it as a free application. Alight Motion Pro is the world’s first motion-designing app. It also has multiple-layer support for graphics and motion creation. Alight Motion Pro also includes a complete vector library for freehand illustrations.

Why Alight Motion Pro?

If you enjoy creating animations and designing graphics, then Alight Motion Mod APK is the program for you. It includes visual effects to make graphic design more appealing. The Key Frame function is one of the nicest aspects of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK. A key Frame is a tool that allows you to alter motion frame by frame. In any frame, you can quickly change the size and shape of the object. Color adjustment is accessible; you can change the colors of certain objects and alter many other aspects.


Keyframe Animation:

It is one of the most appealing and intriguing features of Alight Motion Mod APK. A keyframe is a video animation that may be edited frame by frame. You can add unique elements and change the video animation one frame at a time, which means you will be able to fine-tune your animation movie. There are numerous elements available in the program that you can include in the animation video frame. The object’s position can also be modified frame by frame. Alight Motion Pro gives you complete control over the editing of an animation video.

Visual Effects:

Effects in animation videos give your film a professional look, therefore Alight Motion Pro has built-in Visual Effects for usage in motion graphic videos. There are thousands of visual effects available in the store, such as hot color, exposer, color tune, highlights and shadows, clouds, and so on. These video effects are simple to use in your animation. This gives your animation video a professional appearance. Tune color can assist you in fine-tuning the color of the video animation. By using these visual effects, you may also alter the exposure of the video.

Blending Modes:

In the video, the blend mode aids in the addition of numerous layers as well as the adjustment of layer form and size. You may add numerous layers with Blending Mode settings in Alight Motion Mod APK. These settings are used to alter the layers in relation to one another. The opacity of layers can also be adjusted to suit your preferences. In the alight motion pro software, there are a plethora of settings for the blending modes.

Vector Graphics:

Vector Graphics makes it possible for you to create an animation video with the help of Vector Graphics. Vectors are minimalist pictures that you can animate in Alight Motion Mod APK. These are image sketches in 2D or 3D shapes that you may include in your animation video. The vector images in the video Graphics can be animated. Make your own vector pictures and animate them in the animation video.


Alight Motion Pro APK includes over 2000 typefaces that you may use as text layers in your videos. You can quickly animate text in numerous shapes if you include it in the Graphic animation movie. There are numerous fonts accessible, so you can easily make your text font really cool and appealing. There are dozens of fonts available, but if you prefer to use your own unique text font, you can do so.

Export Formats:

This is an incredible feature of Alight Motion Premium Apk that allows you to export video in a variety of formats. You can also choose to export a specific image frame from the video. To export your animated videos, you may choose from a variety of video and animation formats. There are formats such as MP4 (video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, and others. You may quickly export your animated videos in the formats listed below. You may effortlessly share these files in a variety of formats on any platform.

Premium Features:

  • Animations with Key Frames
  • Incorporate visuals and graphics into your video.
  • There are over 1000 premium fonts available.
  • Modes of blending
  • There is no watermark.
  • Alight Motion Pro Premium Unlocked APK


The app was designed to edit videos on the majority of mobile devices. As a result, it should work fine on the majority of your Android devices. However, because video editing requires a lot of hardware capabilities from your system, you’ll need to give the software enough power for it to do its work.

That being said, your Android devices should have at least 1.5 GB of unallocated RAM in order to install and run. In order for it to function properly, your system must have a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM or more. Most importantly, make sure to maintain your Alight Motion app updated so you don’t miss out on any of its features.

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