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There’s no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the best and most widely used applications for getting in touch with family members, friends, and other people via text messages and calls.

Despite this, WhatsApp does not offer new features that keep the audience more engaged since people have grown weary of using the same features in it since its release.

WhatsApp mods, on the other hand, are constantly gaining popularity because they provide the user with all of the features that give them an efficient and optimal experience.

In reality, WhatsApp mods are not safe because they are made by third parties, but some ensure that their modified WhatsApp version is far superior to WhatsApp and also provide users with every possible form of security protection so they can use them without worry.

So in today’s article, we will share all the detail of AGWhatsApp APK which is also the modified version of WhatsApp and provides you superior features to the official WhatsApp. With this clone version of WhatsApp, you will experience the best and better version of WhatsApp as it will offer you lots of unique and exceptional features.

However, after installing this application onto your android device you don’t even need to install more apps to load up your devices such as app lock, themes, emojis, deleted message reader, status saver, background wallpapers, interface, fonts, and lots of other features you will get within the application.

APK Features

The forward tag will not be display

Whenever we send a forward message the forward tag displays along with it that is a very annoying thing.

So if you want to send a forward message to your friends but also want that they do not get to know that it was a forward message then you should enable this feature that disables the forward tag. As soon as you will enable it, the message that you have sent to your friends will not display a forward tag.

Freeze the last seen

If we compare official WhatsApp with this modified version of WhatsApp then you will clearly see that this application has more features than the official one that let us customize the app as per our choice.

So with this unique application, you will not only be able to hide your last seen rather you can freeze it with it your friends will not get to know when you come online or become offline. Since you have frozen your last active seen at a certain date.

Customize privacy setting

This clone version of WhatsApp will provide you in-built app lock. So through it you can put a password to make your account secure if you don’t want that someone to access it or read the conversation that you had done with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else whom you want to keep secret.

Hide media files from the gallery

Some users are like those who don’t like to keep their WhatsApp data in their device’s gallery. But as you know, in the official WhatsApp all the files, images, videos, and other important data save in the gallery itself.

However, now it is at your fingertips whether you want to keep data in your device gallery or not. All you do is to enable the hide media from the gallery afterward all the data that you will receive on WhatsApp will not be saved in your device gallery.

Variety of emoji

Get a variety of emoji options that you can send to your friends when you will chat with them. From the app store, you can download more emojis, stickers, and gifs and add them to your emoji collection. Afterward, you can send them to your friends so that they can be impressed with your add-on collection.

Change ringtones

With the application, you will get lots of options of ringtones that you can change as per your liking. So as soon as you will select the one ringtone whenever a call will come to you the same ringtone will be ringing. Moreover, you will not only get the option to select the call’s ringtone but you can also select the message tones as per your choice.

Turn on light and night mod

WhatsApp offers two default theme that is light and dark. So it totally on the users which theme they like to keep. You can change light to night and night to light anytime whenever you desire to change.

In addition to them, you are also able to download more themes that you will get from the in-built theme store of AGWhatsApp.

Customize WhatsApp notification

Whenever you receive a message on WhatsApp, the message will appear on the home screen of your phone. When you put a password on WhatsApp, you will only be notified that you received a message, but it won’t tell you which person sent you the message.

This is quite helpful as we can be safe from embarrassing moments if we are at the gathering. Nevertheless, AGWhatsApp will now allow you to customize your message and call notifications at any time whether or not you want them to display on the screen and for how long.

Get your first message easily

Sometimes we desire to read the very first message that we received from our loved ones or from friends. So in the official WhatsApp, we had to scroll the messages upward to find out the first message but now by just scrolling down we will get the first message immediately and we can live that moment again.

Backup and restore

AG WhatsApp APK let you backup all your old WhatsApp data so if you intend to change the mobile you can then easily restore all your data on that device if you already took a backup before uninstalling the WhatsApp from the old device.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while restoring is that you have to put the same google drive in which you took the backup.

Single tick

As you probably know, when we receive a message on WhatsApp, the message turns into a double tick on the sender side of the WhatsApp, and once we read the message, the tick turns blue, indicating the recipient has seen it.

With the single tick feature, however, no matter if a message is received or seen, the single tick will remain single.

Downloading Process

AG WhatsApp is available on our website to download. So the user who wants to experience the best feature of it should definitely download it on their desired device right now. As this is the clone version of WhatsApp so you will unfortunately not find it on the google play store as they don’t give the downloading links of mod version whether it is of an app or a game.

well, you can get the downloading link of it from our site so go ahead, click on the download button, and get it right after.


  • This application offer you to customize the privacy of your WhatsApp account as you desire to keep
  • Through it, you can also get back all your old WhatsApp data into your new mobile device
  • As soon as you enable the hide media from gallery feature your received photos, videos, and any important data will not be saved in your device’s gallery
  • Set up last seen in WhatsApp and make your friends believe that you come online so less since you are a professional person but in reality, it is not a fact
  • It is now possible to send forward messages to friends without worrying that they will know it is a forward message because we can now disable the forward tag option within the app


AGWhatsApp and official WhatsApp are similar to each other also people install them on their devices for the same purpose. Then what thing makes these two applications differ from each other? The only thing that makes both different from each other is that it offers plenty of new features also it will let you customize as per your demand.

The AG WhatsApp comes in 4 different copies each one offering different and unique features than the other. So you can download any one that you think will run best on your device. All of them are updated, safe best, free, anti-ban, and provide you bug and virus-free versions that will keep your device prevent from damage.

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