2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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With enjoyable and amazing mechanics, this new game of 2248 Number Puzzle will bring a whole new mechanic of the classic 2248 games. Simply explore the game and start enjoying many of its amazing features and interesting gameplay on the go. Enjoy playing the amazing 2248 puzzle on any of your mobile devices and in your own style.

Get ready to have fun with this exciting game of 2248 Number Puzzle and all of its awesome features, as you take on the amazing puzzle challenges and try to attain the highest number that you can. Enjoy playing the game at your own choice. And don’t forget to invite others in the amazing global battles for the highest number of scores, which would make the game much more exciting.


Here in 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK, Android gamers will be able to enjoy the classic puzzle game, but with a new style and fun mechanics to always keep you connected to the actions. Simply explore the game and discover its many features, as you play and enjoy with the specific number puzzles. Drag and connect the blocks. Connect their movements and be careful about being trapped on the board. Continue to make new blocks with maximum numbers that will give you high scores.

Enjoy the puzzles without any endings for as long as you want and at your own choice. Let the game save your processes automatically so you can smoothly enjoy the puzzles. Have approach to the new cool power ups that will let you play and enjoy with the puzzle differently. Enjoy playing with friends and online players in the leaderboards.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple and smooth to play:

In the early stages, 2248 Number Puzzle gamers will met with the simple and intuitive puzzles. Only thing you need is to connect the same numbers in any direction and combine them together. Try to get the highest numbers you without getting stuck by the falling blocks. Try to attain high numbers and maximum scores in the game. With attractive and elegant designs, the game provides intuitive and amazing gameplay experiences for all players. Have no problem in learning and having fun with the game.

Enjoy endless puzzles:

For those of you who liked 2248 number puzzle MOD APK, you can now have fun with endless puzzle challenges, as the game introduces its unlimited blocks for you to connect and multiply. Make great combinations with your puzzles and enjoy an amazing game of 2248 Number Puzzle for as long as you like.

Super powerups to use:

With 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK, Android gamers will have the opportunity to work with number of cool power ups, each having its own specific effects and features. Enjoy working with number of items, as they will let you to enhance and handle the situations differently. Try to spoil any blocks that are stopping you from combining others together. Drag the positions of blocks to make the board more easily reachable. Enjoy doubling your scores in a limited time so you can get highest scores in the game.

Automatically save your stages:

By having the automated saves options, 2248 Number Puzzle gamers can now save of their progresses in game and can enjoy playing the puzzle game without any problem. You can leave the game any time and the auto-saves option will protect your data from lose. Thus, it will allow you to return to exactly where you left.

Enjoy competing with friends:

For the gamers who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the amazing game of 2248 Number Puzzle with friends and online players. By competing with the Global Leaderboards, you can show your high scores and your highest numbers that you have earned.

Enjoy the offline game:

With 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK, Android gamers will be able to play exciting gameplay of offline puzzles at their own pace. In this game there is no need to open the mobile data or to look for activated Wi-Fi connections just to start the game. Simply enter the puzzles and start combining numbers. Without any limitations of time, you can play, relax, and enjoy with the game completely.

Get daily rewards:

To make the game more rewarding, 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK will give its daily rewards free, which you can simply receive by being active in the game. Simply write the mobile title and start receiving your free gifts. And don’t forget to collect your rewards for the coming days.

Unlock more features:

And for those of who are interested in 2248 number puzzle MOD APK, you can now select to sign in to the game to unlock its other most amazing features. Here, it’s possible for 2248 Number Puzzle game players to connect to their Facebook account. It will offer them onetime loots. Moreover, you’ll also be able to follow your friends who are involved in this game. In addition the online saves and syncs will make sure that you can have fun with your exciting game of number puzzles on all available devices.

Free to play:

Despite all the amazing features, the game is still free for all Android users to enjoy on any of their mobile phones. Simply enter the mobile name and start having fun with many of it’s amazing features. Therefore, it’s still a paid title, there will be ads and purchases in game that might irritate you.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay:

Last but not least, if you want to enjoy the free game without watching ads or paying for purchases in app, then it’s always better for you to use our modified version of 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK. Here, we provide the unlocked app with infinite Money and without ads. So, allowing you to always enjoy the puzzle game completely. You only need to download the 2248 Number Puzzle Mod APK, and follow the given instructions.

Graphics and sound quality:

With attractive and pleasing designs, 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK allows mobile gamers to enjoy playing their puzzles easily. Moreover, the cool visual effects, amazing block designs, and simple animations will always make the amazing puzzle game more enjoyable. And surely, with unlimited graphics designs and best settings, the game should be playable on all your devices.

Sound quality:

Together with interesting graphics, 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK also boasts powerful sound effects and amazing background music to always keep you connected to the puzzle levels. Freely play the game and enjoy its amazing audio elements.


With a simple but addictive and simple game of puzzles, together with many amazing elements, 2248 Number Puzzle MOD APK will allow all mobile gamers to enjoy their endless puzzle competitions. Freely enjoy the game at your own satisfaction and in competition with gamers from all over the world.

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